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A Super Simple Way to Keep Meditating

Simple Way to Keep Meditating

I started Wills meditation course in September 2015 and the effects were near immediate, obvious and great.

Some of the benefits I have noticed are that a twitch in my eye that I got during my father’s funeral has gone, my skin has cleared up, I am sleeping better and I am somewhat calmer with my kids. I also take a moment before reacting to things, a moment to choose what I do next and how I respond.

Yet even with all these benefits, after about 5 weeks I noticed that I was finding reasons to not do both my morning and evening meditations.  (more…)

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What Makes City Living So Stressful?

When thinking of nice ways to spend an afternoon, lying in a MRI scanner and solving difficult maths problems while people tut, sarcastically comment and roll their eyes at your responses isn’t at the top of anyone’s list. Dreamed up as a way to ensure that whoever was experiencing it felt pressured and unhappy, this activity (surprisingly not featured in Dante’s Inferno) was the content of a recent scientific study looking into the effect of city living on our brains. (more…)

Defeating Student Stress with Meditation (and Money!)


defeating student stress


At Beeja Meditation, one of our main goals is to help people deal with the demands of everyday life. The hectic pace of life and strains of the modern world can be very stressful, at times leaving people feeling as if they are unable to cope. For young people these everyday challenges can be even more overwhelming, especially through periods of change and new found independence, and there’s few experiences more transformative than going to university. (more…)