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Love, Sex & Surrender

In our busy lives, the sheer volume of tasks to be done and distractions to be had can overwhelm us and our connections often suffer as a result. How many times does your partner attempt to talk to you and you find yourself on autopilot barely registering what they’re saying? It happens a lot. Even when we’re engaged in meaningful conversation, thoughts can take over.

Or it may be, that you’re feeling close enough to each other to start getting intimate, but still the mind finds itself racing with thoughts about things that simply don’t belong in the little bubble you have created for each other.

It may be that your awareness kicks in and says ‘stop thinking’! But incessant thinking is generally a condition of a nervous system whose bandwidth has been completely overridden with noise and the stress of everyday living.

The irony is, if you try and stop thinking, it tends to make it worse. What you’re actually doing is attending to the thoughts more than you’re feeling what your body, and your heart, are telling you. (more…)

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Date Fright

Despite it proving bothersome and terribly embarrassing since the dawn of time, human beings keep insisting on fancying each other. Variations on the sentiment “Cor, they’re a bit of alright” make up about 67% of human thoughts, and we’re always trying to meet up with people we fancy in order to try and foster some sort of “getting to see them in their underwear” situation. This is where things get difficult. Dating apps may have made it ridiculously easy to set up dates, but then you have to actually go on a date. And that’s SCARY.

For lots of us, going on a first date is the most nerve-wracking thing since waiting to be hung, drawn and quartered (probably), and on Valentine’s Day the pressure becomes even worse! To help out, here at Beeja Meditation we’ve decided to put our heads together and come up with some brilliant dating tips which will have St Valentine’s himself winking at you in sexy approval.

Of course, meditation makes you calmer, more composed and improves self-esteem, all of which contributes towards making you a complete dating wizard, but if you need a bit of extra guidance, read on.

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SAD: Navigating Through the Winter Blues

It’s known throughout the world that the British like to talk about the weather. The weather in Britain is the cause of grand disappointments, high drama and short bursts of sunny exuberance. But it’s the dreary, drizzly and grey skied that most defines the national mood, and when combined with short days this monotonous gloominess can have a real and damaging impact on people’s state of mind.

This is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder and is thought to affect one in ten people in northern Europe. While the cold is certainly unlikely to help, it appears that the real trigger is a lack of light. In the winter many people find themselves going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark, and experiencing very little natural light, a situation exacerbated when dark clouds are a permanent fixture. (more…)

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