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Digital Detox: Is Modern Technology Stressing Us Out?

is modern technology stressing us out


To mention that we are constantly “switched on” in the modern world is to venture into the realms of cliche. But like most cliches, this is something that happens to be true. The Internet – and the technological advancements that have accompanied it – has revolutionised our lives for the better in so many ways, creating thousands of new opportunities in the process. The downside is that many of us now feel more tied to our smartphones than we would like – addicted to the constant stream of information they represent.

Surveys have found that a significant number of people feel “worried or uncomfortable” if they can’t access Facebook or their emails, half will check their tablets and smartphones in bed, and many find it difficult to sleep after being on social media. We’ve become dependent on these devices for work, news and entertainment, but also for something that’s more worrying and profound. Around two thirds of people say that they would panic if they lost their smartphone, and for many it isn’t the loss of a fairly expensive item that worries them, it’s their loss of connection to the world. (more…)

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To Tweet or to transcend, that is the question


twitter tweet transcend social media

One of people’s biggest concerns coming into meditation is ‘how will I find time for 30-40 minutes of meditation a day? It’s a good question, and one that implies an even more fundamental question, which is ‘what am I doing with my time each day, and can I my optimally allocate my time to achieve my life objectives?’

This musing was triggered by the recent research suggesting that the average person spends 40 minutes a day on social media. Obviously, the distribution of time allocated varies a lot from person to person. If there is a fairly normal distribution, it is amazing to think that for every person who spends barely any time on social media, there may be another who spends a whopping 80 minutes on there! Perhaps we should call it anti-social media! (more…)

How can you stop stress ruining your relationship?

how can you stop stress ruining your relationship


It’s no secret that many of us live with more stress than we can comfortably cope with. In a world where money often takes precedence, the usual focus is on how this affects our work. But this isn’t the only environment where stress can overwhelm us, and being under pressure can lead to outcomes in our personal lives that may have not occurred otherwise. With strain and anxiety sometimes clouding our better, more loving and generous selves, how can you stop stress ruining your relationship? (more…)

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Five Ways Meditation Makes You Healthier

ways meditation makes you healthier


Sometimes, life can get so busy that adding a new habit into our routines is an unattractive prospect. Between trying to keep fit, earn a living, keep up with hobbies and spend time with loved ones, our schedules are so full that we are reluctant to add anything new.

Despite this, sometimes it can be well worth creating a bit of time and space for a new routine. With it only taking half an hour each day and being something that you can practise anywhere, meditation is one such habit. If you need a little convincing to start thinking about adding meditation to your schedule, here’s five ways meditation makes you healthier. (more…)

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Meditation, Opioids and Dealing with Chronic Pain Naturally

Dealing With Chronic Pain Naturally


In the Guardian, recent articles have been exploring the opioid crisis in America. Characterised by easy access to prescription painkillers which made people dependent on the drugs, then a subsequent crackdown which drove already addicted patients to heroin, it’s an insight into what can go wrong as society tries to cope with pain. As opioid addiction causes huge social and personal problems, people are asking, do we need to start dealing with chronic pain naturally? (more…)

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Do We Need to Work Less to do More?

work less to do more


People are always looking to increase their productivity. In a world where we are often defined by our productive capacity – and how much we get done is directly linked to our ability to earn a living – being able to improve our productivity can result in higher social standing, personal fulfillment, and wealth. But while some advice has previously revolved around tricks to keep you working hard over a long day, the focus is shifting. The question, “ do we need to work less to do more? ” has begun to dominate the conversation.

Whether it’s completing a pet project in your spare time, getting ahead at work, or making a company more profitable, cutting down on working hours may seem counterintuitive. However, led by Swedish experiments, people and businesses are beginning to take the idea more seriously. (more…)

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