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Howdy Groovers,

Hope it’s been a fine start to the month for you all!

I’ve got so many topics I wish to share with you all, but the one that seems to be coming up for me today is about feeling like you’re a fish out of water.

As many of you know, I’m currently living a nomadic life, setting up wherever there is a nice vibe and a good internet connection. I had to high-tail it to cheaper and happier climbs during the pandemic, and it’s really just flowed from there.

Naturally, I had to come back for the epic summer retreat, and because it was peak season, and oil prices have gone mental, it was no longer viable for me to head back out to the land of Latinos, as i’ll be back again in six weeks for another retreat down in Sussex.

So the question simply became, where to go for August, whilst being within range of the UK? I unambigously got direction from the universe (The Force!) to head for Santorini, or Fira as the locals call it. Now I knew nothing of the place, other than the name (actually thought it sounded like a place in Italy!) and I’d never really considered it as a destination, largely because I assumed it was a big tourist trap, which is not really my flavour. Also, I can only really sustainably operate on backpacker prices, not holidaymaker ones, which tends to put these sorts of places out of reach.

But what do you do? If you spend years developing a connection with something deep inside of you that is trying to guide you to the best outcomes, do you then disregard it when that gentle little whisper keeps murmuring to you to go to a place that doesn’t really fit with your plans? No. If you’re going to make a bargain with the universe, you are wise to give yourself to it completely.

And so it was, I committed all the remaining cash in my personal account to heading for Santorini, with no other reason than that was where I seemed to be guided.

Now as it happens, through a series of really quite bizarre quirks of fortune, I’ve now been refunded 60% of my money, and when I arrived last night, they told me that they would help provide my groceries for me as a gesture. So it turns out, my monthly expenses will be no more than if I’d rented somewhere in the UK. Happy days!

What else there is here for me, we shall have to wait and see. I’m already enjoying the potent energy of this volcanic island, but my time on the beach will have to wait until I get some time off next weekend.

I am however able to bronze myself on a sun lounger whilst I meditate each day, and that is defo a major top tip from me on how to optimise your time this summer, albeit with the caveat that its best done in the earlier and latter parts of the daytime, not when mad-dogs and englishman tend to roam.

As I like to do when I land somewhere new, I went for a wander this morning to orient myself, and it was a really bizarre feeling. It feels like wall to wall villas and boutique hotels. Every shop is a holiday-wear boutique or selling some cheesy tourist junk, and there are literally tourists EVERYWHERE. I really do feel like a fish out of water. It feels so bizarre being in the opposite environment to what you’re used to.

However, although the story of my time here has only just begun, I do feel that there are already numerous things to embrace from the experience.

Firstly, relishing novelty. Although this isn’t my usual gig, why not enjoy it? Why not allow yourself the pleasure of childlike fascination at something completely different to what you’re used to? I feel like Crocodile Dundee on the mean streets of New York, trying to work out what the hell this is all about! Alas, there don’t appear to be any Japanese tourists mistaking me for Clint Eastwood!

I also like the fact that having committed myself to coming here, all of a sudden, I’m getting all of these reciprocal gestures from the universe that mean I’m no longer feeling financial pain from my decision. It feels like the the cosmic red carpet has been rolled out for me, and all I need to do is walk it. That is super life affirming, and was only made possible by my unerring commitment to listening to that little voice inside.

It just goes to show the importance of listening, even when it makes no sense. In fact, particularly when it doesn’t make sense, because it means your ego or intellect isn’t succeeding in hijacking your flow. It means that you’re here, there or wherever because you’re meant to be, not because you’re fixated on realising some outcome.

It’s also a useful reminder to not just be a fairweather friend to yourself / your heart / your soul / the universe. It’s all very well going with the flow when there’s no challenge to it. When things are going your way. But what if the choice makes you uncomfortable? What if it’s asking you to do something that is the opposite of how you normally roll? What if it’s asking you to put a lot on the line? Well this is where you make it count. Because you are choosing the higher path in spite of what appears to be the ‘easier’ option.

But as I’ve learned so many times in the past, the ‘easier’ option is often predicated on some narrow metrics that you fixate upon, which lose sight of the bigger picture of your life journey.

The final lesson from all of this, is that you can find a sense of belonging anywhere. It’s not about your home, your town, your country, or your tribe. It’s not about the familiar, nor any other external circmstance. Your home is your heart and your soul. They are with you wherever you travel, no matter what circumstances you’re facing. It’s only if you’re not nurturing them sufficiently that you’ll fail to feel that sense of belonging. Your challenge is to find it regardless of the external weather. As Crowded House once implored us, everywhere you go, always take the weather with you. And while you’re at it, why not take as much inner sunshine as you possibly can, by delayering the clutter and emotional noise through your twice daily practise?

I have no doubt there will be further lessons as I venture out into the touristy wilds of Fira after I finish work each day, but even now, it’s already been worth the trip, just for the learnings and reminders that have already passed. Everything from here, is a bonus.

So as the summer peaks for us all in the northern hemisphere, why not lets all make a vow to start listening to the gentle murmurings of wisdom that are trying to guide us, rather than the loud shrieks of our fear centres and egos?

And if you need more of a hand tuning in, then some of our advanced offerings can help you get there….

With Love and Greek Tidings

Will & The Team xxx

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