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Howdy campers,

How are we all? I hope you enjoyed a smasher of a bank holiday weekend, wherever you were. The August bank holiday was always my favourite….

I’m currently in the midst of writing my most epic blog ever, but it’s taking longer than anticipated so wanted to reach out to you all with some briefer thoughts on something important, and that is the subject of changing mindsets.

One of the things that I’m always surprised at is people expecting to somehow achieve idealised results, without necessarily changing their understanding or mindset.

Is it that the quick fix culture that we’ve become accustomed to has utterly blinded us to the need to actually change the way we look at and respond to a situation in order to catalyse improvement?

Is it fear that paralyses us from opening up to new ways of doing things?

Do we lack the courage to step outside of our limiting beliefs to embrace a better way?

Is it that our sense of identity is so locked into our patterns of behaviour, rather than the essence behind those patterns that implies that to change our mindset is an existential threat to our fragile sense of identity?

Or is it that our self esteem levels are sufficiently low, that to do something that goes against the grain of the collective paradigm is to risk feeling even more ostracised from other people’s adoration and risk? Unless of course we belong to sub-group whose paradigm is to be different, in which case we don’t want to stray too far from the cultured thinking that exists from the sub-group where we get our sense of belonging?

I have a feeling it could be all of the above, and quite possibly a number of other reasons too.

But whilst it’s highly valuable to consider all such options and seek to
improve our condition, particularly at the sub-conscious level, perhaps it’s also worth actually just being a bit more open to changing our mindsets on different matters. To realising that we are more than our rigid attachments. We are more than our desires, our preferences and our patterns. We are more than our need for love, and attention, and approval.

We are something essential. And that essence doesn’t need to feel threatened by stepping outside of paradigms, because it realises that all paradigms are inherently limiting.
All narratives are inherently limiting. And all identifications are inherently limiting.

Being psychologically flexible need not be something we fear. Perhaps it is actually a doorway through which our greatest growth and evolution can take place.

So instead of being stuck and wondering why you can’t seem to have your cake and eat it, maybe it’s time to do everything in your power to expand not only your mind, but also your emotional and spiritual bandwidth to be able to simultaneously hold many points of view in one awareness.

This will permit you a more spectral experience and understanding of life. It will enable you to join the dots on all of the data points that our life experience brings us. And it will afford you an ability to adjust your mindset according to new information, rather than holding on for dear life to the mindset that was borne of the old information. The mindset from which you are subconsciously trying to grow out of (being generous) and/or escape from (being frank).

If you’ve not yet realised it, there always needs to be an internal shift, before you can realise an external shift. And the more you open up to that, the more you can enjoy the fruits of a holistically hedonistic life in a gloriously sustainable and meaningful way. Where you can simultaneously live with purpose, whilst also enjoying the ride.

Now maybe that’s just my mindset thinking that that’s a life worth living. All I can say is that having considered all the possibilities I can comprehend, that that’s where I’ve landed. What about you? How many possibilities can you fathom? And where do you land when your nervous system is quiet, your mind is open, and the signals from your essential essence are coming through clearer?

May you all enjoy an ultra open minded (and open hearted) week where new perspectives seep into your awareness.

With love

Will and the Team xxx

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