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“Who knew I’d be feeling like I’m slowly making love to love itself and all the colours of the Universe?”

Greetings from The Land of Zorba and Zeus,

As I mentioned last week, I have a stack of blogs to write and had something in mind for this morning’s post, but then one of our graduates from last year’s Limitless Living course sent me a message with the above quote and I felt it was just such a precious sentiment that I wanted to to take the time to unpack it a little bit.

The first thing to say is that although we all feel love from time to time, sometimes so intensely we want to burst, it does feel like something ephemeral. Something transient. Something dependent on circumstances. But the reality is that it’s a vibration that can be permanently tapped into if you have a sufficiently attuned nervous system, and you have let go of the protective patterns that close you off from it.

Now some of the love we feel is actually need. It’s a very different flavour of experience. It’s like a very juvenile flavour of the love experience. One that emanates from the fact we still haven’t healed our childhood wounds, and comes hand in hand with a certain level of dependency on the object of your love.

Unfortunately this neediness leads to the love becoming conditional, and many of us have allowed ourselves to become conditioned into experiencing and expecting conditional love.

But what we’re talking about here is the diametric opposite of this. There is absolutely no neediness at its heart whatsoever. It simply exists. You can simply allow it to flow through you, and you feel absolutely exquisite from the inside out for no particular reason. Everything you see feels filled with beauty. Every person you meet has an innate glow, and an inner light that betrays their attempts to hide behind the mask of stress and toxic behaviour. Most of all, you just feel an epic level of love for the universe itself – every detail, large and small. As I say this, I’m reminded that  I was awoken at 5:30am this morning by my AC unit regaining power after what I assume was a power cut, and the bleep of the unit powering up was enough to disrupt what was a very pleasant dream.

But rather than be pissed, which I imagine might be the case with many folks, and indeed my former self, I simply felt a massive wave of love for the AC unit and more generally for all the little twists and turns and unexpected phenomena of the universe. It’s a thing of absolute symphonic beauty. So whilst I adore looking up at the night sky and seeing the Milky Way marbling it’s way across the night sky, and whilst I dream of seeing the Northern Lights, the true test of your level of advancement is whether you can perceive it in all those little moments that characterise one’s day.

Now, sometimes we bounce out of it and that’s cool. Because firstly, you are secure in your ability to tap into it anytime you need. The more you develop, the more you lose the scarcity factor that kicks in when you fear you’ve lost connection with your inner bliss and can’t find your way back. It’s all gravy. And it’s all groovy.

And of course, when interacting with other stressed out (or numb) humans, you have to dial it down, because otherwise it just feels like you’re on another planet to them, which is absolutely fine for you because your planet is way more sexy than theirs, but it’s not so fine for them because it bewilders them.

So you play the game and you get stuck in with the hand that life dealt you. But instead of background despair, confusion or disenchantment, there is Background Love.

And when you play in that realm, it really does feel like you are making love to love itself. Now whilst I have used the word realm to describe it, I initially wrote ‘field’, but that tends to connote that it is a flat two dimensional phenomenon, whereas realm much more accurately describes the infinite texture of love folding in and around itself.

It’s behaviour is more like a liquid or a plasma than a solid ‘thing’. It’s constantly enveloping itself

It’s a state of perfect flow, and we can channel that and let it flow through us and around us any time we put our awareness there, and sometimes without any regard whatsoever, it just happens and you feel it’s exquisiteness in every fibre of your being.

Now if any of you feel like I’m describing a psychotropic experience, it is true to say that these states can be temporarily attained via the consumption of certain substances. Indeed I have many fond memories of overwhelming unconditional love whilst being off my nut on pills or Mandy, but this is different. Firstly, it’s less intense. You can live this experience in daily life. And secondly, it’s sustainable. It doesn’t require a massive release of serotonin that will make you feel like slitting your wrists 3/4 days later because there’s no serotonin left in the bank.

The other thing to note about the original quote is not just the reference to love, but also to light. This is a different, and slightly more profound vibrational experience. You see, when the nervous system is sufficiently de-excited, and sufficiently de-cluttered not only can it tune into the subtlest of domains, you as an individual can perceive the sheer radiant joy of the experience.

Here, rather than infinite folds of love, the light feels so much more spectral….it feels like it’s radiating out of some magical source, an effulgent singularity that feels absolutely ecstatic. Perhaps people who have done acid may have picked up on something like this, but again, it’s just so much more sweetly sustainable and functional than such a messy level of tripping. A better analogy might be the experience that young children have sometimes when they are just tapped into an utterly joyful moment and they just want to dance and play and move with unbounded joy.

That can be us. That is our birthright.  It doesn’t have to be something that merely gets confined to our childhood, or to a Friday night bender. The more of that experience that underpins your being, the more you can relax and enjoy the ride. And if anyone thinks that means you lose your edge, your ambition, your ability to make sh*t happen, think again. You will have more clarity, more confidence, and most importantly of all, way more inspiration to go out there and really make a difference. And importantly, really start living your purpose as we discussed in last week’s blog.

So let’s all find a way to make love with love itself, so that the life force flows through us with such vibrancy that every moment of our lives counts.

With infinitely enfolding love and sparkling arrays of light.

Will and the Team xxxx

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