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Of diamonds and spinach … our journey to enlightenment

We will begin at the end, and that is with enlightenment and yet, that is also the beginning, because from the Beeja perspective, that is what we are driven to search for (often unwittingly) in our lives, hence our continual, and often dissatisfying pursuit of sustained happiness. We are constantly chasing rainbows when in actual fact the pot of gold already lies within. And thus it can be said to underscore our entire journey that we call life, even if completely unacknowledged.
Contrary to popular opinion, enlightenment isn’t a state we suddenly find ourselves waking up to (unless you have a rare crisis triggered awakening like Eckhart Tolle), it is something we evolve into. And it isn’t simply a binary state of being, where you either are or you aren’t, it is far richer and more nuanced.

Enlightenment is simply an overarching term for all the more integrated “higher” states of consciousness that we humans are capable of, but rarely realise. (more…)