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The Luxury Trap

India Farming

For most of human history, we spent our days hunting and gathering food, wherever we could find them. If a particular area was lacking in nutrient rich supplies, or if it was being made use of by another band whom we didn’t want to war with, then we would simply wander somewhere else and make hay wherever the nutritional sun shone.

About 10,000 years ago, our ancestors stumbled across the seemingly genius idea of domesticating animals and cultivating easy to grow foodstuffs so that we could experience plentiful supplies of essential foodstuffs without having to wander the savannah.

Climatic conditions at the time were ripe for this sort of development, and the Middle East began the trend by domesticating goats and cultivating wheat. Peas and lentils followed in the Levant, and later olives, horses and grapevines added a little variety to our newly sedentary lives. Meanwhile in Central America there were simultaneous movements towards the cultivation of maize, beans, potatoes and llamas and in the Far East, it was rice, millet and pigs.

The immediate effects of their work were greater overall supplies of food. However, the work was hard, and so these newly formed communities took advantage of the surplus food supplies by having more children who could share the load and work the farms. (more…)

12 Tips for Surviving Christmas [Part Three]

tips for surviving christmas

Ninth Day of Christmas- Concentration

We all know how important it is to beat that particularly successful family member (let’s face it, it’s usually Dad) in board games. They sailed through to victory in Risk, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit throughout your entire childhood and this needs to be avenged. You can achieve this through top-notch performance that will leave observers in silent awe. “What excellent Monopoly strategy”, they will say breathlessly. “Wait until you see them with a Cluedo board”, others will reply. By taking up the practise of meditation you’ll be hearing praise like this constantly, and this year, finally, could be YOUR YEAR. (more…)

12 Tips For Surviving Christmas [Part Two]

surviving christmas

Fifth Day of Christmas – Sleep

Christmas is too exciting for sleep! And you have to practice to stay up and see Santa. Sure, you may be thirty two years old, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get caught up in the spirit of the thing. Except, if you think about it, you do have a week ahead of you so using meditation to help you get as much shut-eye as possible is really a very good idea. (more…)

The Hero’s Journey

The Hero's Journey

We had a really interesting group med the other night and it was evident that the majority of folks in attendance want to get to a place of peace and fulfillment double quick! This inspired me to enliven the phenomena of the hero’s journey, which in true mythical fashion, feels worthy of a retelling…

When I was growing up I never really understood what mythology was all about. It felt like it was some weird and fantastical storytelling that had absolutely no relevance to my life. I remember finding out a friend of ours at university, Adam, was studying mythology as part of his Classics degree and wondering “what is the point in that?”!

Little did I realise that all these legendary re-tellings were not merely conceived as entertainment, but were in fact cunning devices for passing wisdom and guidance on to future generations.


Why Does It Always Rain On Me

We had an interesting experience a couple of weekends ago when organising an outdoor video shoot. It was going really well until the heavens opened and poured copious amounts of water all over our set. Even at the height of summer it’s an occupational hazard in the land of Blighty of course, but so ironic that it landed in the middle of a heatwave!

The time, energy and financial resources that go into organising these shoots are, in relation to what we have, really rather significant. We had kind and supportive comrades gathered for the shoot, we had given up our only free weekend in months, I had prepped night and day to get it all setup, and then of course there was the energy invested by the talented director and camera lady whose dedication to the cause were extremely touching. So to have Mother Nature seemingly urinate on our parade could have easily activated that despairing sensation, ‘why me?’, ‘why is life always against me?’ etc etc. (more…)

Soft Shoe Shufflers

george harrison soft shoe shufflers

It was Jess’s birthday on Monday and we had a lovely end to the evening listening to tunes and chilling out. Jess put on George Harrison, one of her favs, and cranked it up for, My Sweet Lord and Wah Wah, before finishing with the track Beware of Darkness. This Georgie classic contains the line, ‘Beware the soft shoe shufflers dancing down the sidewalks’ – what a great great description! (more…)

Love II

love emotion rainbow heart gif

Last month we wrote a post on love and how we may develop our capacity for feeling it and giving it. But what is this nebulous thing we call love? And is there just one type of love or are there many, like different colours of the spectrum?

It seems that there are indeed many different flavours: love of child for mummy and daddy, love of mummy and daddy for child, love of mummy for daddy, love of daddy for the striking blonde with the big boobies! New romantic love, mature romantic love, love of new friends, love of old friends, and then there is the kind of love that is inspired by the sight of children playing, the love of life during a profound or euphoric moment, and the love of doing something really rewarding. (more…)



Love: the most captivating, most enchanting and most compelling force on earth.

Everything we do centres on our hunger to give love and receive it. Our activities may be shrouded by a more obvious motive force, but the underlying is always the seeking of love. Love of self and love of others.

But what is this force? Why is it so compelling? How has it brought warriors to their knees and caused Kings to abdicate? (more…)

To dream, or not to dream, that is the question

To dream or not to dream

I was at a talk recently and the subject of dreams popped up. Dreams as in our personal goals, our aspirations, our future hopes. This was followed by some lively discussion about the validity of identifying our dreams and the natural inclination to wish to follow them. On the one hand was the encouragement for the pursuit of anything that you feel will make you happy and fulfilled. On the other was the counter argument that surely chasing dreams is taking us away from the joys of the here and now. It was a very interesting debate and one that we have all experienced to one degree or another. Compromise v reality generally seems to be most people’s experience of it and it can lead to significant internal conflicts and confusion. (more…)

Of diamonds and spinach … our journey to enlightenment

We will begin at the end, and that is with enlightenment and yet, that is also the beginning, because from the Beeja perspective, that is what we are driven to search for (often unwittingly) in our lives, hence our continual, and often dissatisfying pursuit of sustained happiness. We are constantly chasing rainbows when in actual fact the pot of gold already lies within. And thus it can be said to underscore our entire journey that we call life, even if completely unacknowledged.
Contrary to popular opinion, enlightenment isn’t a state we suddenly find ourselves waking up to (unless you have a rare crisis triggered awakening like Eckhart Tolle), it is something we evolve into. And it isn’t simply a binary state of being, where you either are or you aren’t, it is far richer and more nuanced.

Enlightenment is simply an overarching term for all the more integrated “higher” states of consciousness that we humans are capable of, but rarely realise. (more…)