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Regardless of how badly you have been affected or if you have been affected on a personal level at all, there is no denying that the world is currently in a collective state of crisis and trauma. With over a million confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world, multiple countries in partial or total lockdown and death tolls rising, this experience is unprecedented for the majority of us, no matter what generation we come from. 

As such, it is completely normal for an experience such as this to make life seem not only a little bit chaotic but disconnected too. Physically disconnected from our families, jobs and daily routines, but also mentally disconnected from a sense of reality. This sense of mental and physical disconnection can manifest itself in feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression if it goes on long enough. And for some of us, the impact of the coronavirus has already resulted in grief, health problems or acute financial distress. Throughout all this, it is vital that we find ways to not only cope, but function through these difficult times. 

If you are interested in learning meditation, attending an online meditation course with us will have just as powerful an impact on your life as learning in person, and give you a way to take care of yourself mentally during these trying times. Establishing healthy habits can help to keep ourselves on an even keel – here are some of the ways meditation can help you. 

Online Meditation for…

Stress reduction

Stress reduction has been one of the most well-known benefits of meditation for many years and it is often the reason people seek it out in the first place. The world is a hectic place to live as it is, but when we experience a collective crisis, that stress can suddenly multiply as the feeling of helplessness kicks in. 

Beeja meditation targets and works with your nervous system in order to allow your mind to reach a state of pure relaxation, a state even deeper than what would be your deepest point of sleep. It is through sleep that we heal most effectively, both in mind and body, so it stands to reason that by reaching that profound level of calm during meditation, we are able to help realign any imbalances that are causing us extra stress.

Beeja meditation has been shown to decrease stress hormones such as cortisol by up to a third and provides a more resilient barrier to future stress signals, which is the perfect solution for periods of prolonged stress when a long term solution is needed to keep the brain in balance.


Productivity is a bit of a hot topic right now during a period of mass quarantining. Some people are taking this as an opportunity to finally relax while forced to stay at home, whereas others are making themselves go through their endless to-do lists in order to combat the stress. Whatever side of the spectrum you fall on, however, meditation can absolutely help you in this process.

First of all, if you’re struggling with a routine, then pencilling in a simple activity like online meditation can help to give your day a little bit of structure, especially if you’re not working from home. If you are working remotely, however, online meditation during a lunch break can help to break up the work day and put you in the right mindset for completing all your tasks. 

For those of you who are already making the most of your quarantine and just need that little boost to take your task management to the next level, meditation can give you a clarity of mind that will make problem solving and creativity that much easier. Reduced stress levels already aid in our ability to perform tasks, but meditation enhances that efficiency by improving memory and boosting the mood. Just by adding an online meditation course to your to-do list, you might find yourself more productive than you ever were before quarantine.

Relationships with others 

Staying at home with family, roommates or partners may seem like a dream come true for some, but after a while, the dream can become a nightmare, even for the calmest of individuals. Going from seeing someone just a few hours a day to being around them every second can be a huge adjustment and that doesn’t even take into account the added stress of constantly hearing and watching the news. 

However, when we meditate, our nervous system learns to be much calmer and so little things such as a dirty dishwasher or that little bit of extra noise is less likely to bother us. When we’re less nervous and agitated, we’re also far more pleasant to be around as individuals and that makes those that we live with far more receptive and positive towards us. 

Meditation is also something that couples or families can take up together to help further foster that feeling of unity and connection. Once everyone in the household begins to feel the benefits of relaxation, it is far more likely to make living in close quarters with one another a pleasant experience rather than one that pushes people apart.

A reminder to connect

Meditation at its core is all about connection, whether it be a connection between ourselves and another person, a connection between our mind and body or a connection between our mind and the natural world around us. Being closed off from everything and everyone can make us lose touch with that connection to others and the world, which only helps feelings of isolation fester.

Though it takes time, online mediation can help to retrain the neuronal pathways into something more positive that rejects negative thoughts and energy. Meditation as a whole helps to awaken and connect us to our senses, making us far more in tune with our emotions and being able to deal with them in a healthy manner. This is an incredibly useful skill to have when the current climate is so fraught with negativity and emotive language coming from the media. Meditation can help to dissolve those negative emotional patterns that can get us worked up over a news article or an upsetting statistic. Instead, it focuses our efforts on connecting to our inner self, creating a more grounded foundation on which to base our emotional responses.

Just as importantly, meditation helps us to connect to the world and environment around us through that strong personal foundation and helps us with empathy, a skill which is sorely needed in these trying times.

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