How To Make Hay While The Sun Shines With Meditation

It\’s easy to forget the cares of the world when the sun is shining and the world feels so much brighter, especially in the UK where the weather seems to play such an important role in our individual and cultural psyche.

The bounty of barbecues, beaches, festivals and chillouts in the park make for a golden time when life can feel so special.

We have noticed in recent years that everyone seems much happier with their lot over the summer, and then before you know it, autumn has arrived and with it, a slight sense of impending gloom and anxiety about the road ahead. For those with a history of depression, anxiety or Season Affective Disorder, it can feel like you\’re fast approaching a season when life often proves tough.

So with that in mind, I have decided to pen this post in the hope of inspiring any interested readers into taking affirmative action now, so that the forthcoming winter can have more smiles than groans.

It takes a long time for the effects of psychological disorders to build up. Although it may feel like there is a sudden onset, in fact, that is merely the tipping point in most cases. As stress builds up in your system, your neurochemical profiles change in ways that will later make you feel much less stable and strong.

A great sage once said \’avert the suffering before it has yet come\’ and there is wisdom in these words. It feels as if we are so caught up being busy we neglect to look after ourselves and do the things which we know will be good for us. Ordinarily, things that are good for us mean restricting ourselves from vices and patterns of behaviour which feel strangely compelling. However, it\’s much more sustainable to do things that feel great rather than prohibitive. And this is where meditation comes in. When you practise a very gentle technique like Beeja meditation, it is really easy to do and leaves you feeling so calm, relaxed and full of vitality.

It also helps prevent the build up of tension and stress and is excellent for balancing your hormones and neurochemicals. This is so important, because when the winter time comes, there are shifts in our hormonal profiles which can put us on the threshold of sadness and anxiety. So if we can make hay with daily meditation when the sun shines, then when wintertime comes we can be filled with joy no matter what the season.

And the great thing is, if you meditate outside, you can get yourself a tan as you do so…brilliant!

The Benefits of Beeja Meditation

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