12 Tips for Surviving Christmas [Part Three]

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tips for surviving christmas

Ninth Day of Christmas- Concentration

We all know how important it is to beat that particularly successful family member (let’s face it, it’s usually Dad) in board games. They sailed through to victory in Risk, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit throughout your entire childhood and this needs to be avenged. You can achieve this through top-notch performance that will leave observers in silent awe. “What excellent Monopoly strategy”, they will say breathlessly. “Wait until you see them with a Cluedo board”, others will reply. By taking up the practise of meditation you’ll be hearing praise like this constantly, and this year, finally, could be YOUR YEAR.


tips for surviving christmas

Tenth Day of Christmas- Digestion and Weight Management

There’s simply no way to fight it. You will eat many times your body’s weight in roast potatoes, every sort of pie ever conceived, stollen, trifle, smoked salmon, cheese, and then wash it all down with a few daily gallons of wine. Not to do so would be morally and spiritually wrong, because this is what Christmas is for, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a challenge. Meditation can help you both with digestion, to help you process that somewhat excessive consumption, and can even aid in weight loss which will be useful in the New Year.


tips for surviving christmas

Eleventh Day of Christmas- Stress

The horror of last minute Christmas shopping is something that really cannot be overestimated, and while your friends say smugly “Oh, I did all my shopping in February” you will face the unique hell of a shopping centre at 3pm every day until the Christmas arrives. Then the day comes and the kids jump on your bed at 3am, the cat pulls over the Christmas tree and somehow the turkey is never cooked, how on earth isn’t it cooked? Everything else burnt hours ago! Stress is such a key feature of Christmas that it could easily outrank Santa as the most famous thing about the season, so the notably calming effects of meditation will be more useful than ever.



Twelfth Day of Christmas- Energy and Vitality

This is the part of Christmas when you a simply doing your best to stay alive. Too much food, drink, and over-excitement has left you drained and bleary eyed, and yet somehow people want you to carry on. Getting some deep yet wakeful rest will revive your energy levels when you need all the help you can get to even stay awake in front of the television, but you need to prepare for the BIG DAY. It’s only one more sleep until Christmas, HOW EXCITING!

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