12 Tips For Surviving Christmas [Part One]

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Christmas is indisputably brilliant. It’s the only time where you are officially mandated by your family, peers and possibly even the government to indulge yourself to such an illogical extent that if you did it at any other time of year, people would be legitimately worried about you. But like every party that lasts for two weeks, Christmas is also something of an endurance test. Buying the people you love presents, eating 15 roasts every 48 hours and waking up to Bucks Fizz every day is bloody hard work. So we decided to show you all the ways meditation can help!

By tempering out every aspect of the Christmas emotional roller coaster mentioned below, meditation will help you breeze through the whole thing with as much style and grace that it’s possibly to muster when you are chewing down your sixth mince pie and wearing a sparkly Christmas jumper.


tips surviving christmas

First Day of Christmas – Patience

The run up to Christmas is a time of almost saint-like patience. It takes an iron will and strong sense of character to not rip apart an advert calendar on December 3Rd and devour all the chocolate within, and even more to ignore the presents lying invitingly under the tree until Christmas day. We all deserve medals, every year, for resisting to do so, but as meditation can strengthen your willpower the struggle can be much less intense.



Second Day of Christmas – Creativity

It’s important to be creative at Christmas. How else are you going to attempt to make your own Christmas decorations before emerging triumphantly brandishing a cardboard penguin, covered in bits of glue and glitter? Then there’s the masterminding of surprising culinary creations designed to spice up a traditional roast, and the inevitable on-your-feet creative thinking needed to pretend that these culinary surprises aren’t a tragedy worthy of Shakespeare. Taking some time and dedicating it to focus and quiet will get those creative juices flowing.


Problem Solving

Third Day of Christmas – Problem solving

Working out what it is that your family and friends like and whether you can afford it is a problem that challenges even the most vigorous scientific minds. Add to this the headscratcher of wrapping strangely shaped presents and trying to work out why on earth anyone would enjoy bread sauce, and your cognitive abilities will be truly stretched. Luckily, doing some meditation will turn you into a problem solver on a level with Leonardo Di Vinci, making the whole palaver seem easy.



Fourth Day of Christmas- Productivity

The benefits of increased productivity are never clearer than when you are trying to decorate a tree that clearly wishes it could have stayed outside, source about forty gifts and cook a meal that could comfortably feed a whole village for the benefit of one family. Achievements such as adorning the house in enough fairy lights to illuminate deep space don’t happen by magic, so at Christmas your productivity needs to be at its peak.


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