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Starting this January, join us for a brand new two week Beeja accelerator program, designed to supercharge your progress and help you thrive no matter what the external circumstance..

At Beeja, we know the importance of a supportive and loving community during these challenging times, and that’s why we’ve crafted a brand new course to bring like-minded meditators together.

Ideally suited for anyone who has completed the Beeja beginner’s course and beyond, it's a first-of-its kind two week immersive experience that will take your development to new heights. For lapsed meditators, it’s a great chance to get back in the groove, deepen your knowledge and expand your practice.

Immerse yourself in a weekend of the retreat technique of rounding, and discussions, to help you reset your systems, and to heal and grow at a deeply profound level, while enjoying the amplifying effects of this group experience.

Participate in five exclusive live knowledge lectures, crafted to help you survive and thrive during these uncertain times.

Gain an introduction to Ayurveda, the science of life.

Deep dive into an Ayurvedic cooking workshop, to inspire you to new culinary delights, so you can feed your soul, as well as your belly. Learn how to implement these essential nutritional principles into everyday cooking

Join a supportive, like-minded community to share the experience with for 2 weeks and beyond.

A live daily group meditation and 8 x optional group rounding sessions.

Fireside chats which include recommendations, recipes and music, to get us thriving together.

Learn new tools and tips to help you deepen your practise and start elevating your daily life, including some brilliant exercise hacks.

  • Duration:  25 hours online over 14 days (recordings available for all sessions)
  • Location: Broadcast live online to you at home.

Take your meditation to the next level

Give yourself a break, and gain a new perspective on your life

Discover expansive states of consciousness, and reignite a magical child-like wonder about the world


Master advanced meditation techniques that you can integrate into your everyday life to feel like your own superhero

Fine tune your meditation practice with tips and tricks tailored to you


Sustain and revive yourself with an array of organic and biodynamic food, which has been specially designed to support your mind and body

Gain clarity and insight, which will enable you to make really good decisions on the things that matter most to you

Take part in sessions with Will that will open your mind, and deepen your understanding of life itself

End the course feeling better than you have done in years, with a renewed sense of energy and vigour

“Thank you for an unforgettable, beautiful weekend. There was such an overwhelming sense of support, love and nurturing and humour all rolled into one, that we could trust entirely the experience of 'rounding' and where it would take us. I feel blessed to be part of this amazing experience, and to have been there with such a great bunch of people”

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Mathilda, Busy Mum, Sussex



1. Asana

  • Yoga is a powerful ancient practice. It might have taken 5000 years to make its way to the West, but now it’s here it’s helping huge numbers of people enjoy its physical and spiritual benefits.
  • By combining a special sequence of poses with meditation, we can supercharge it and make its effects even more profound.
  • The sequence is the key, and it only need be done very gently. So whether you’re an ardent yogi, or you’ve never done a downward dog in your life, you can harness the incredible benefits this weekend has to offer.-san


2. Pranayama

  • Breath is life. It’s the first thing we are born with, and the last thing we do. When we learn to control it, we gain incredible power over our spectrum of emotions.
  • The ancient Indians were masters of breathwork. They developed a myriad of techniques to bring balance and progress to people’s lives. 
  • During the meditation retreat, we will teach you a breathing technique that will enable you to go deeper with your meditation and smooth it out so there is less mindless thought coming into your space.


3. Dhyana

  • There's nothing like coming together as a group and honing the craft of meditation under the support and supervision of an experienced teacher.
  • Have particular issues you are trying to deal with? We can draw upon other breathing and meditative techniques to help you move through them more swiftly and easily.
Downtime in Nature


  • Gain an understanding of the science of life, Ayurveda
  • Deep dive into an Ayurvedic cooking workshop, to inspire you to new culinary delights, so you can feed your soul, as well as your belly. Learn how to implement these essential nutritional principles into everyday cooking
Downtime in Nature


  • We take great joy in sharing the ancient knowledge which underpins what we teach at Beeja.
  • We'll delve into the fascinating science behind meditation, and the philosophy around it, to encourage you to look at your life with a brand new perspective.
Downtime in Nature


  • Once learned, the rounding technique can be taken home and integrated into your daily practice. This will enable you to continue and progress your deep healing and growth. It’s an incredibly valuable tool to help you reset and recharge whenever you wish.


“Thank you SO much for this lovely retreat. I did not really have time to think about what to expect and I was just hoping to push my meditation skills. It just went far beyond. Not only the house was incredibly charming and welcoming, the dear fellow meditators a pure joy to be around, but you have equipped us with such a precious knowledge. I feel like I am leaving with gold in my backpack. I cannot thank you enough and will treasure this.”

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Caroline, Yoga Teacher, London

"..I managed to switch off for long enough to get that floaty feeling people from Brighton swear by."
"I have a lifelong tool that has brought me calm, clarity and increased creativity"
"I've noticed that I’m no longer ruled by emotions – I can see when I’m angry or frustrated without being in that feeling.”


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How do I get there

The closest train station is Barnham station​; we advise not driving to or from the retreat.

We will give you the full address and instructions on how to get from the train station to the house upon booking.

Can I join the retreat if I'm pregnant?

Yes! We've had lots of mums-to-be join our retreats (up to 35 weeks) and they've all reported incredible results. We simply modify the poses, so you are free to get a much needed rejuvenating boost before your baby arrives.

What if I can't get there by 18:15 on Friday / or need to leave early on Monday morning?

If you can't get away until later on Friday, don't worry - we'll keep your dinner warm and catch up with you for a chat later. You can leave first thing Monday if you really need to. We really encourage everybody to take a day off if at all possible, so you can totally bliss out on the positive energy you'll be feeling.

Can I join a retreat if I’m injured?

Absolutely, we can work around any physical limitation and you will still have a truly profound experience.

Do I need to learn Vedic / TM / Beeja meditation before attending?

Yes, this is a prerequisite to taking part in a retreat. But don’t worry, you can join one of our Beginner's Courses here.

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time after completing my Beginner's Course before attending a Beeja Retreat?

It's completely up to you. You can join us on a retreat as soon as you've completed our Beginner's Course, or any time following it.

What do I need to bring with me?

We will send you a short list of what to bring upon completion of booking.

What do we eat / is it vegetarian / vegan / will my dietary requirements be included?

We serve fresh organic vegetarian food that is mostly locally produced. Please contact us in case of dietary requirements and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Can we bring our kids along with us?

The retreat isn't suitable for children, so we suggest you tag team with your partner, or best mate, and take it in turns to come and experience the joy of few special days that are just for you. 

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