1. What will I learn?
2. Can I bring a friend with me?
3. How long will the session last?
4. What makes Beeja mindfulness so unique?
5. How can meditation achieve so much?
6. What is the connection between TM and Beeja meditation?
7. How does this differ from other mantra meditations?
8. What is the most important thing meditation gives you?
9. What if you're not stressed? I don't feel stressed.
1. When I first started, my meditation was deep. Now, it feels lighter and shallower with my mind full of thoughts?
2. Any tips for a quieter mind? I thought meditation was meant to bring stillness!
3. Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing it properly and wonder if I am pronouncing my mantra correctly? It actually feels like I may even have changed it slightly.
4. How important is it to keep on repeating the mantra? I feel very relaxed despite forgetting to repeat it for several minutes sometimes...
5. I remember you said not to judge the meditations. Please remind me why I should avoid labelling my meditations 'good' or 'bad'?
10. Is it ok if your mantra is completely locked into your breath?

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