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Once you have refined your nervous system through regular practice, you’ll be feeling so good you may be wondering how much further we can take you? That’s where your own personalised Advanced Mantra comes in.

This is a powerful tool designed to deepen your meditation experience, whilst simultaneously bringing a state of deep realisation and connectivity into your everyday life. The effects in the outside world are subtle and more refined, but with your perceptions heightened your meditations will feel even more blissful, and the level of emotional release even more profound.

  • Duration: 1 x 3 hrs session

  • Location: Live online with Will Williams

  • Cost: £294

  • Pre-requisites: You need to have been practicing Beeja meditation consistently for at least a year. Those who have been practicing Vedic or TM for at least a year are also eligible. 

“I’ve often sought out calmness externally, through others. But the advanced mantra has allowed me to reach a calm gentleness and stillness from within me, to make me smile, and to allow a lucidity and clarity to filter into pretty much all aspects of my life - both personal and professional. It is pretty amazing.”

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Rajshree, PHD Student

Advanced Mantra Experience

What will I experience with the advanced mantra course?

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Personalised advanced mantra

Over 3 hours, we'll explain how it works, give you your own personalised advanced mantra, and you'll experience its elevating effects as we meditate together.

Explore the new experience

We will explore the new experiences you can expect after using your upgraded kit! It’s a very powerful tool and we need to make sure you know how to use it properly.

Enhance sensory perception

You will also be given some simple techniques which will further enhance your developing sensory perception. And we’ll discuss how to make the most of the increased capabilities you now have access to.


As ever, if you have any questions after the course, you are always welcome to get in touch. From here, if you feel the pull to continue your journey even further, then you can step-change again with a Super Advanced Mantra. You’ll probably know when you are ready, but feel free to contact your teacher for advice.

Listen to Will talk you through the advanced course

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Is the Beeja Advanced course for me?

    • You need to have been practicing Beeja, Vedic or TM meditation consistently for at least a yeah
    • Yes, if you feel ready to accelerate your progress towards more integrated states on consciousness, and are curious to explore
    • Yes, if you feel ready to super-charge your practice and enjoy even deeper levels of blissful meditation and connectivity
    • Yes, if you’re already undertaking the Limitless Living course
"Will and his team are attracting a new generation to the inner joys of meditation"
"It's started a quiet anti-stress revolution in my mind. I finally get it"
"My anxiety has all but abated. The negative thoughts that used to play on a loop have fallen silent"

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