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Beeja Mastery is nothing short of a revelation.

The course takes place over six weekends spread across ten months.

Beeja Mastery combines the Siddhis, which the great master Patanjali called ‘The Crest Jewel of Vedic Knowledge’, along with insights into the most profound ancient wisdom Asia and The Americas had to offer.

What are the Siddhis?

The Siddhis are a powerful body of knowledge set down by Maharashi Patanjali 2700 years ago. Patanjali determined sequences of sutras which, when used by an experienced meditator and executed in the very specific ways, instill mastery over the laws of nature.

Patanjali had very carefully encrypted the powerful knowledge into his seminal text 'The Yoga Sutras' but, as time passed, people came to believe that a literal translation of the text was all that was required. Little did they know that the sayings which fill his text are a decoy to prevent the uninitiated from abusing the passwords of mastery it contains. 

Rumours circulated of their power, but over 2700 years of foreign occupation, many of India's greatest secrets became diluted, distorted, and misunderstood. It looked as if their true magic was permanently lost to time. 

Thankfully, hidden away high in the Himalayas, there had been an unbroken line of custodians of this ancient knowledge, keeping it stored with purity and integrity until such a time as the world was ready for its re-emergence. When India gained its independence in 1947, it was felt by the custodians that it was time to share it with those who could use it most responsibly, and in the intervening decades one of Will's mentors learned the techniques directly from the most revered master of his day, and we are honoured and privileged to be able to share this precious knowledge with all those who have come this far.  

These passwords, when learned in the way Patanjali initially shared, will unlock the secrets that were carefully stored away for two and a half millenia. The result will be that your impact on the world will be exponentially more powerful, and exponentially more beautiful/meaningful.

In this course, we will take you step by step through the techniques and sequences which will allow you to dig out some of the most stubborn regressive patterns in your system; imbue you with the foundational qualities of an enlightened being; and sequentially unfold the path to mastery so that you can integrate, commune with, and guide the most powerful laws of nature.

Only a handful of teachers in the world offer this course in person, using the original sequences and Sanskrit sounds that Patanjali employed. Without such transmission, mastery is very difficult. With it, mastery becomes so much more attainable.

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What will I gain from the course?

You will gain a connection with all the subtlest phenomenologies of nature, and many of the most brilliant, and most hidden, secrets of ancient wisdom will be revealed to you, so you can masterfully traverse your way through life.

"Understanding why things happen the way they do and how to transmute "bad" things into "good" has enabled me to face life full on and without fear. It has helped to cast a light on all the things I clung onto that I thought were important. Now I recognise what really matters which means I can enjoy life with far less friction than before"

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Digby, Property Manager, Sussex

Course structure

Weekend One

In this first installment, we will get you up and running with five Siddhis that will help you become a happier, kinder, stronger person. These are the foundation of all that follows, and with this toolkit at your disposal, your ability to harness nature in a powerful way will go through the roof.

In addition, we will explore the energetic dynamics of masculine and feminine energies, that will reveal how and why we tend to find themselves experiencing the world, and relationships, in ways which are completely commensurate with our energetic make-ups. With this knowledge, we will be able to recognise people's energies, and work with them rather than against them.

Nov 18
Weekend Two
Weekend Three
Weekend Four
Weekend Five
Weekend Six

Practical information and FAQs

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Is there a prerequisite for joining the course?

In order to enroll on this course, you will need to have completed the Limitless Living course.

How much will it cost?

We have flexible pricing options to make the course as accessible as possible.

You don't have to dive right in. Try one, and see how you go. Or sign up in full and benefit from a 15% overall discount. 

What if I can’t make all the dates?

Don't worry. Do as many weekends as you can and then switch onto a following series. But if you do have any commitments you can amend or postpone, we really recommend it.

All the segments must be taken sequentially, starting with Beeja Mastery - Weekend One. You can, of course, just book the first segment for now and see how you go - no pressure :)

Should you wish to dive on in, you can choose to book a package (Weekend One - Weekend Three) or the full series (Weekend One - Weekend Six) at the time of booking, benefitting from a sweet little discount! Weekends One to Three are a mini-series in their own right and, wherever possible, we recommend you complete these together as they will provide you with a certain level of completedness.


One weekend
1 x Beeja Mastery weekend at a time

6 x £110 installments (£600)

Three weekends
Celestial Package x 3 Beeja Mastery weekends

9 x £187 installments (or £1530)

Six weekends
Full Mastery Package x all 6 Beeja Mastery weekends

18 x £171 installments (or £2800)

I learnt to stop ignoring the beauty that surrounds us all, and to fully understand that happiness does not exist in the future – it is only ever in the present. I haven’t looked back since taking Limitless Living.

Steve, Financial Manager, London

The most fundamental outcome of the course for me was that I now have a very different appreciation of the world around me and can love and laugh more readily and be less impacted by the stresses under which the always-on, modern way of life places us! You'll be forever grateful.

Hamish, Chief Revenue Officer, London

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