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Children's Meditation: About the course

If we push children too hard, or they struggle to do something normally achievable due to stress, they learn to define that task as unsolvable and will start to see any related tasks as being very difficult. This is what we call 'learned helplessness' and we all suffer from it to some extent. 

Meditation for children not only reduces stress, but works to improve all aspects of brain function and development:-

  • The hippocampus, which is responsible for memory, grows larger. 
  • Young meditators develop a more active and thicker growing prefrontal cortex which aids lateral thinking and problem-solving capabilities. 
  • Meditation for children with the Beeja technique creates greater brain wave coherence which promotes better connectivity throughout the brain.
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Studies have shown children who use this technique have higher self-esteem, increased tolerance, greater self-sufficiency, decreased anxiety and decreased anti-social behaviours.

1. Beeja meditation for young children: 5-9 years

It wouldn't be practical to ask young children to sit still and meditate like older children or adults would. So instead, we simply give them a 'word of wisdom' which they use whilst they're at play. This helps to plant their meditative roots without cramping their style.

* Please do note, we ask that the children have expressed an interest in meditation. And that one of the parents has already learned Beeja Meditation/TM, so are able to support them.

Price: £120
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2. Beeja meditation for older children: 10-15 years

We teach older children in the same eyes-closed technique that adults would do, but they only need to practice a minute for every year of their age. For example, a 12-year-old would do 12 minutes meditation at a time. This is all they need to nourish their mind, body and nervous system, so they are free to access their full potential at home, at school and at play.

The children will not be required to attend a course; we will simply instruct them over one hour with parents/guardians. Following this session, if any of the children would like to attend an adult course when they are old enough, they are welcome to, free of charge.

* Please do note, we ask that the children have expressed an interest in meditation. And that one of the parents has already learned Beeja Meditation/TM, so are able to support them.

Price: £140
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3. Beeja meditation for young adults: 16+ yrs students

Young people are under huge amounts of stress and this gets much more acute and widespread once they enter high education or leave school. 

The stress epidemic amongst young people is the most significant factor holding them back from achieving their full potential. During this course, students will learn the full adult technique. This will give them the essential tools they need to meditate confidently and start living a healthier and happier life. 

Contact us via to reserve a course place at the student rate.

Price: £196
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The Meditation In Schools Initiative

In February 2019 we visited children at the New North Academy in Islington to teach them about meditation. Our lessons were featured on ITV and Sky News as part of an important initiative to support and protect the mental health of children.

“The statistics are stark, but none of this is inevitable. We can work to change things for the better for our children and young people. “

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