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I’ve never experienced anything quite like it in my life and will never forget it. I am a changed woman. I am calmer and nicer to not just other people, but to myself. I had a major meltdown...which is one of the reasons that I began meditating). After the the maelstrom passed, there was a sea of calm and an openness in my heart that I haven’t felt for many years and it has persisted ever since. It’s only been a week but that is a huge opening for me and gives me a lot of hope for the future. Tears are falling as I write.

Michelle, June 2016

Our Meditation Retreat: The Ultimate Boost


DSC04992A rounding retreat is a wonderful and powerful experience and will take your practice to the next level.

‘Rounding’ constitutes three main parts: asana (yoga postures, designed to trigger deep transcendence), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. When cycled together in a tailor-made programme, we experience deep relaxation from where our body can heal and re-boot from its very core. Supported by classes in Beeja knowledge and beautiful organic and ayurvedically prepared food, all within the setting of an Edwardian country home, these meditation retreats are very special to participate in.

Once learned, this technique can then be taken home and integrated into your daily practice.

Meditation Retreat pre-requisite: The only prerequisite for the Rounding Retreat is that you have learnt Beeja meditation. Anyone who has learned TM is also welcome.


Meditation Retreat Benefits

  • Our Meditation Retreat provides a unique opportunity for you to remove deeply embedded layers of stress, tiredness and negative patterns.
  • The bounty of benefits is extremely profound and experienced by all participants.
  •  It is estimated that a weekend’s retreat delivers as much rest as 9-10 months of twice-daily meditation.
  • A rounding retreat is considered one of the most effective ways to establish oneself in a higher state of consciousness.

Group meditation

Nobody is more surprised than me at how profound this has been to my life, so thanks to Will and Jess for showing us a more fulfilling way of living.

Dan, Plumber, Reading

The Meditation Retreat Accommodation

The retreat takes place in a beautiful Edwardian country house in Sussex. It is near the country town of Arundel,  just 90 minutes direct train from London Victoria.

Spacious light-filled rooms, open fires and sweeping grounds provide the perfect backdrop for these weekends.

Accommodation for the retreat is in one of the many beautiful twin, double or four-man rooms.  With ten bathrooms between 14 bedrooms, it is wonderfully comfortable. There’s even a heated outdoor pool for you to soak up those beautiful rays throughout summer.



All meals aCooking workshop 1re prepared with local and fresh organic and biodynamic ingredients. Each dish is specifically designed to support the rounding programme at any given time, so  after each meal, you’ll be wonderfully satisfied and purring with goodness.

Dearest Jess and Will, I want to say thank you for an unforgettable, BEAUTIFUL weekend held by you both. There was such an overwhelming sense of support, love and nurturing and humour all rolled into one, that we could trust entirely the experience of 'rounding' and where it would take us. I feel blessed to be part of this amazing experience, and to have been there with such a great bunch of people this weekend.

Mathilda, Mother, Sussex

Upcoming Meditation Retreats



Weekend retreat (Fri-Mon): Arrival by 6.15ish on the Friday for a 6.45pm introductory meeting. Depart 2 pm Monday after lunch. We recommend taking the Monday off work. However, if you need to work, you may depart earlier.


Week-long retreat (Fri-Fri): Arrival by 6.15pm on the Friday, depart 10 am the following Friday.

If possible try to take the Friday afternoon as a holiday. If you do need to return to work on Friday afternoon, ensure that your workload is lessened for a smoother transition.

The closest train station is Barnham station; we advise not driving to or from the retreat.


Thank you SO much for this lovely retreat. I did not really have time to think about what to expect and I was just hoping to push my meditation skills. It just went far beyond. Not only the house was incredibly charming and welcoming, the dear fellow meditators a pure joy to be around, but you have equipped us with such a precious knowledge. I feel like I am leaving with gold in my backpack. I cannot thank you enough and will treasure this.

Caroline, Yoga Teacher, London

Cost of a meditation retreat


Weekend retreat:

The cost of a four-day/ three-night course:
Twin room: £594 (6 x monthly payments of £99)
Dorm room: £534 (6 x monthly instalments of £89)


Week-long retreats:

Twin room: £990 (6 x monthly payments of £165)
Dorm room (four sharing): £894 (6 x monthly instalments of £149)


Costs include your accommodation, all food, beverages, instruction in the technique of rounding and extensive knowledge sessions.


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