Recovering from PTSD with Meditation

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Summary: peace of mind through meditation

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – or PTSD – is a recurring extreme anxiety, which ruins lives.

  • Sufferers often also experience marital problems, drug and alcohol-related problems, depression and insomnia.

  • Beeja meditation allows us to overcome these problems and live happier and healthier lives.

The problem: a very damaging anxiety

PTSD comes as a result of a severely traumatic life event or series of experiences, which change the way our brain perceives the world and interprets potential threats.

The driver of the anxiety response, the amygdala, becomes over-activated and starts releasing an overabundance of neurotransmitters, which induce the fear and anxiety response and apply it to things that would otherwise not trouble us.

As a result, the adrenal glands tend to be extremely overstimulated. If it was a repeated episode, then the likelihood is that the hippocampus (the region in the brain responsible for the consolidation of information) will have been damaged too, causing memory problems and other blunted cognitive functioning.

How can Beeja meditation help?

Thus far, counselling interventions have had limited success in curing this issue. It seems that the trauma is stored within the deepest layers of our being.

The only way we can really free ourselves of such debilitating traumas is to use a tool such as Beeja meditation, which can take us into and beyond our subconscious from where even the deepest traumas can be healed.

Meditation also serves to quell the influence of an overactive amygdala so that we are no longer subject to the debilitating rush of anxiety hormones that might otherwise paralyse us when, rationally, we should be fine.

The hippocampus of meditators tends to grow significantly larger, offsetting some of the damage caused by the traumatic event. It also tends to result in greater neuroplasticity, allowing the brain to compensate for damaged cells and tissues by using another region of the brain to take up the slack.

The emotional numbness that is so common to PTSD is also significantly reduced when we meditate, as are the depression, insomnia, and alcohol-related problems that so often accompany this condition.

What's the proof?

Initial studies have shown a 50% reduction in symptoms within two months of learning meditation using personalised mantras, as well as decreased marital problems, decreased startle response, a higher rate of employment and dramatic improvements in self-assessed quality of life scores.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help with PTSD

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