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Our Team Members

Will Williams

What do you do?

Will is the founder of Beeja and a meditation and mindfulness expert. He discovered meditation 11 years ago after experiencing stress-related insomnia. When he spoke to a friend whose life had been transformed by Beeja meditation, he gave it a go. He now dedicates his life to sharing the practice of meditation.

Since founding Beeja, Will has led retreats, classes, personal sessions and teacher training workshops with novice and experienced meditators from across the world. He has taught mindfulness to global business leaders, companies, entrepreneurs, as well as individuals from every walk of life. He is the current wellbeing adviser to the OECD.

Will travelled for two and a half years meeting with meditation masters from across the world, receiving training from the pre-eminent master of ancient vedic knowledge, from which the Beeja technique derives. He discovered beyond rituals and rites of passage, the most powerful techniques were the simplest. It just required the right teaching.

Where did your journey start?

He started Beeja because he believed the most meaningful impact he could have on the world would be to help people overcome the stress and strain of modern life.
When not teaching, Will champions the practice of meditation to ensure it is taken seriously by decision makers.

He regularly speaks with educators, healthcare providers and charities, promoting mindfulness as a holistic response to both individual and societal challenges. Will also pushes for greater research into the effects of meditation on all aspects of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Will’s best-selling book ‘The Effortless Mind’ has been described as ‘game-changing’. He speaks regularly at summits and events across the world, and has been featured by The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Sky News and the Evening Standard. He lives in London.

Why did you become a meditation teacher?

Meditation had such a profound impact on my life that within a year or so I felt that I should teach it. At the time I was thinking of becoming a school teacher, as I felt that empowering people with knowledge and skills was the best way to make a difference. However, when I spoke to teachers about it, the apparent bureaucracy suggested it wouldn’t have been a good fit.

The more I practised, the more my consciousness expanded. I became aware of the issues negatively affecting the world, and as I advanced it seemed change was possible. I realised that for me, by far the most meaningful impact I could have on the world would be to help people overcome the stress and strain that is creating the collective ‘me first’ dynamic in the world.

I don’t think any of us question the fact that the world needs to change. It’s simply a question of how. For me and the team here at Beeja, it is glaringly obvious that it all springs back to consciousness, and so we are dedicating our lives to working in this field. As one of my heroes once said:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

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Catherine Turner

What do you do?

I’m Catherine and I teach Beginners Courses, host Group Meditations and Intro Talks at Beeja. It’s a real honour to be sharing such a powerful technique with others, particularly now in our 24/7 ‘switched on’ culture. When living under such pressure, our nervous systems are often wired, and many of us are increasingly suffering from various ailments – poor sleep and digestive issues, to allergies and anxiety. Vedic Meditation is incredibly effective at balancing the nervous system – an essential step towards managing these modern day malaises. Alongside hosting courses here, I’m a health and wellness writer (I’m a Contributing Editor to Psychologies Magazine, and write for Conde Nast Traveller amongst other titles) as well as teaching yoga.

Where did your journey start?

I’m an Editor and Writer by trade and stepped onto the path of yoga and meditation about 20 years ago to keep me grounded whilst working in the fast paced world of glossy magazines. I loved my job, yet the constant travelling and deadlines took their toll on my health – I was tired, wired and after years of pushing hard, and I knew I wasn’t firing on all cylinders. Once I started practising yoga postures, and then meditation, it was a revelation. My health improved – niggling ailments such as hay fever and digestive issues fell away, and I had more focus, and felt happier in my own skin.

The changes were so profound that I decided to train as a teacher, first in India, then at Triyoga, London and began teaching alongside my writing work. Along the way, I’ve met many teachers and gurus, and have lived in a remote Himalayan ashram, meditated on a Sri Lankan rooftop with Buddhist monks, studied Reiki, completed a healing course at the College of Psychic Studies and found deep stillness in silent retreats. I discovered Vedic Meditation after trying many other techniques – and it brought such a profound shift, I knew straight away that I wanted to share the teachings, which led me to embark on deep practice and study with Will, and an intensive Vedic Meditation training course in Bali with Charlie Knoles.

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Bill Lynds

What do you do?

Hello, I’m Bill. I teach beginners courses and host group meditation and introductory chats. I am here to introduce you to a simple technique designed with you in mind, and which will help you in overcoming the mental and physical obstacles to good health and personal growth.

Where did your journey start?

As a former teacher of martial arts, and more recently an occasional yogi, I have encountered meditation in a number of guises over the years. My early experiences were always interesting and of course very relaxing, but never more than an “also ran” to the sense of fulfilment and achievement in the physical practice.

Looking back, I see that like many of us I self-medicated my own experience of stress through physical exercise, and the odd glass or two – which kind of worked for as long as I was in the dojo or on the mat or, the bar. Not much changed though, outside. And my health started to slide…

About 8 years ago with the advent of easily accessible mindfulness instruction (thank you Mr Puddicombe!) I started a daily meditation practice. As my practice developed I saw that there was something else, somewhere else, something that wasn’t “mindfulness”… and so I started to look for a practice that would give me that. Whatever “that” was. And then one fine day – and this is before meditation became a regular in the weekend papers – I opened the newspaper to see a smiling Aussie (no, not a cricketer but a meditation teacher who was in town). After a brief exchange of email I was introduced to Will and the world or Vedic meditation, the root of so many meditation traditions. Funny how life pans out!

Fast forward several years – having completed years of study with Will and several months of preparation and training in India and Bali, I completed my training with Will’s dear friend and collaborator, Charlie Knoles. And now I am here to share this technique and all the profound knowledge of the Vedic civilisation and all related knowledge with you.

As for real world credentials?… When I’m not teaching, I am a lawyer and a judge…which has its ups and downs!

It’s great that you made it this far. Have a browse around the website. You’ll find some helpful resources on general health and the biochemistry of stress, together with reading materials and useful links and info on our courses. Wishing you well. Bill

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