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Beeja meditation helps anxiety sufferers by using the sounds of mantras that are chosen to match each individual’s nervous system. The gentle repetition of these sounds within the mind has a soothing effect and calms any hyper-activation of the nervous system.

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  • The problem

    We all feel fear when faced with genuine danger, whereas anxiety is a subjective perception of a threat which feels very real to the person experiencing it. Like stress, anxiety has its origins in the evolutionary mismatch between our social environment and our biological makeup.

    Anxiety can be triggered by almost anything from boiling an egg to going on a date. Instead of protecting us, this chronic activation of ‘flight or fight’ mode is causing us far more harm than good.

    Ongoing anxiety depletes energy, interrupts sleep and greatly diminishes our everyday capabilities and overall sense of happiness

    Whilst our lives have changed dramatically since the last century, our genetic makeup has yet to catch up. We are still programmed in the same way as our ancestors.

    Whenever we feel anxiety, we are experiencing the effects of a hyper-stimulated area of the brain called the amygdala which is responsible for activating our ancient flight or fight response. (The amygdala is so sensitive, that if you flash a picture of something fear-inducing to someone with an anxious disposition – even subliminally for a millisecond – their amygdala immediately goes into overdrive).

    Neurotransmitters are released, putting us on red alert for danger and potential threats.

    Anxiety is also triggered by the past. During any traumatic event, the part of the brain which is responsible for the formation and recall of memory (the hippocampus) is severely impaired - but the experience remains stored in our nervous system. As a result, anything vaguely related to the trauma gets red-flagged and immediately generates a chain reaction of fear.

  • How it affects you

    An anxious person’s amygdala is ready to pounce on any fragment of information and twist it into red for danger. Unfortunately, the process becomes greatly aggravated when we are subject to intermittent stress in our lives.

    Everyday things feel menacing, and we become exhausted by the constant sense of vigilance we employ in order to deal with all the perceived threats in our world.

    The feelings of apprehension and dread can be debilitating, and they stop us from enjoying life and achieving to the best of our abilities.

    Because trauma related anxiety is processed in the autonomic part of the nervous system, our body is switched into overdrive to fight the perceived threat before our brains have a chance to process it consciously. We are left feeling unable to intervene in our anxiety in any meaningful way.

    Our breathing is affected when the flight or fight stress response is engaged. We take short, sharp breaths in preparation for danger and start hyperventilating.

    The result of low carbon dioxide in the body can cause panic attacks, insomnia and extreme fatigue, whilst a lack of oxygen deprives our organs and muscles of vital resources they need to function.

    As our heart beats faster, our sense of anxiety escalates beyond our control. Anybody who’s experienced this knows it can be far scarier than any perceived trigger.

  • How can Beeja help?

    Meditation for anxiety can’t stop the source, but it will help with the symptoms.

    As one of the most effective anxiety reduction techniques, Beeja meditation works by using the sounds of mantras that are chosen to match each individual’s nervous system. The gentle repetition of these sounds within the mind has a soothing effect. It’s easy for everyone as there’s no need to concentrate or focus the mind.

    As a result, any hyper-activation of the nervous system begins to calm down and in its place comes a sense of spaciousness and perspective which lasts far beyond the meditation practice.

    By allowing ourselves to rest at levels that are far deeper than anything we experience during sleep, we can break through the programming that is causing us to be conditioned with continual alertness.

    We also find that within seconds of effortlessly repeating the mantra in our minds, the entire cortex of the brain enters a super coherent alpha state. This high-level brain patterning correlates strongly with a very significant reduction in anxious thoughts and sensations.

    Beeja meditation for anxiety brings balance to our production of neurotransmitters and hormones - such as serotonin and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) - which have been found to be implicated in general anxiety disorders.

    Beeja meditation brings about much more alertness which greatly improves our ability to detect genuine threats and take corrective action. Which means we can allow ourselves to rest at any time genuine danger isn’t upon us.

    Because our system is balanced, we are content to flow through life, confident in our ability to detect and respond to challenges and threats when the need arises.

    Decision making becomes easier, we feel less preoccupied, much less restless, we have more energy, and we enjoy much better sleep. (Yay!).

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  • Reviews

    Laura, Advertising

    “I can already recommend Beeja meditation to anyone! In only one week I am already seeing how my work-related anxiety levels are dropping in a considerable way. I cannot wait to see its effects in the next weeks, months or even years.”

    Rich, Investment Banker

    “After about a month of meditating daily I began to see big differences, I could seemingly now cope with the anxiety and almost control it. When my chest was thumping or I had butterflies in my stomach I no longer felt scared - there was a knowingness that my body was releasing adrenaline and it was simply my wrecked nervous system making itself known while I began the repair process. Meditation was repairing my body and it became the foundation upon which I started rebuilding my life in a way that made me feel good about myself and the world.”

    Margot, Researcher

    “I took Will’s meditation course, having had increasingly bad anxiety over the past few years. It was an enormous relief for the anxiety to quite quickly disappear and gradually for a less reactive and calmer outlook to take hold.”   

    Rich, Investment Banker

    “I meditate twice a day as suggested and I love it. Everything that could go wrong in my life has but since learning to meditate with Will the depression and anxiety have lifted, I’m a different person and it’s only been 2 months! Life changing is all I can say.” 

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