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Burnout is a state of chronic stress, and can be managed very effectively with a programme of regular meditation. Meditation students are able to relax muscles, improve blood flow, rebalance the body's hormone production and reach a more calm mental state that is better able to handle the stimulus of modern life.

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  • The Problem

    Burnout is usually the final manifestation of an overwhelmingly harsh work regimen that has been in place for an unsustainably long period. 

    It is a state of chronic stress which results in a variety of physical and mental symptoms, which can include fatigue, difficulty sleeping, depression, a sense of failure and increased reliance on unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

    Perfectionists and high-achievers are in particular danger of developing burnout, but it can affect anyone who finds little time to rest. 

  • How it affects you

    If you become burnout, you may find it impossible to maintain a good professional performance - losing your motivation and sense of enjoyment, and finding even long work hours are a form of presenteeism where little is actually achieved. 

    As well as the general sense of exhaustion and lack of productivity, there is an increased incidence of heart disease, cognitive impairment and memory problems, elevated stress hormone levels and quite often, depression.

    Unless you make changes to your lifestyle, the feelings and physical effects of burnout are unlikely to dissipate, and can even lead to an urgent health crisis or mental breakdown.

  • How can Beeja help?

    When we meditate, we rest three to five times deeper than the deepest part of sleep. It enables us to repair so deeply that we can recover from our chronic, deeply-felt stress and begin functioning normally again.

    Our hormonal levels balance, our cardiovascular health improves, our cognitive functioning becomes restored, and any depressive symptoms tend to lift. As this happens, our energy levels rise, and our ability to engage with people and work is vastly improved.

    Rather than simply facilitating a return to the same unsustainable habits, Beeja meditation for burnout improves our sense of perspective and self-worth, helping us to make lasting positive change.

    As you become clearer and more capable, you will still be able to be a high achiever, but you will likely do so within the context of a calmer, fuller, more balanced life.

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  • Reviews

    Alan, IT Manager, London

    I have a relatively stressful job and was finding it increasingly harder to manage my day and was getting quite worked up. I needed something to help me take my mind off things and to try to relax a bit more. Having spent a weekend learning with Will, I now have the tools I need to concentrate more, to relax and not get so stressed over the little things in life.

    Rachel, Yoga Teacher, Kingston

    Will and his team offer amazing support through the course and beyond. They are professional, approachable and very grounded. Learning in a group was fun and offered great insight into potential experiences and questions. 

    George, Lawyer, London

    Whether you have a specific emotional or physical issue or not, all of us in the 21st century are exposed to incessant mental ‘noise’ and information overload. Meditation is a way of finding a bit of deep peace. I am a middle aged corporate lawyer and so pretty far away from what some people think meditation is about.

    Alan, IT Manager, London

    Beeja mediation is so easy, I don’t know why I hadn’t tried it sooner… Without it I would have a lot more grey hair and would probably have burned out sooner rather than later!

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"Burnout – and awareness about its dangers – is now a front-burner topic, both collectively and individually. It’s a part of our everyday conversation and, collectively, it’s finally coming to be regarded as the public health issue it is.”

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