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Modern life can be overstimulating, and it is common to feel overwhelmed with all the things you have to do. Meditation is an extremely effective tool for managing daily stress and helping to maintain a healthy perspective - allowing you to see things more clearly and gain a more relaxed understanding of life.

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  • The problem

    As we go about living our active, modern lives, we encounter so many stimuli - from the alarm clock, to the bustle of the commute, to a film before bed - that we often find ourselves subject to chronic levels of excitation within the nervous system. 

    Unlike our evolutionary ancestors, who spent much of their lives in quiet communities, our minds and bodies are subject to a constant stream of demands on our time and attention. 

    Our minds are drastically over-stimulated - and the result is a muddled, narrower range of thinking, short-sighted decision making, reactive behaviours and the dulling of our sensory capabilities.

  • How it affects you

    We all know the drill: we are sitting at our desks trying to respond to an email, when three more pop up in our inbox. Instead of replying in the ten minutes that it should take, we find that our brains are too foggy to focus. 

    We are always losing track of our thoughts, revisiting yesterday’s events or rehearsing tomorrow’s. 

    It can feel as if we are constantly lacking in the time we need to do things properly and that our attention is always in six places at once. 

    What we really want is to find the off-switch to all this mental noise, so we can focus on what is relevant.

  • How can Beeja help?

    With Beeja meditation, our mind, body and nervous system can rest to profound levels, and we become able to perceive the world from a much calmer perspective. 

    Our body’s innate intelligence can recognise the imbalances within our systems and begin to correct any distortions, while our nervous system starts to break through the over-stimulated programming we all experience. 

    With this, our mind can build new, more intelligent, inter-neuronal pathways that begin to free us from negative patterns and tendencies and the nervous system becomes cleansed of all our toxic memories and emotions. 

    Through meditation, levels cortisol and crucial other stress chemicals begin to fall, while the production of happy hormones increases. 

    We can respond appropriately to the challenges of life, with accuracy and a fuller understanding of the dynamics at play. We are better able to absorb and process everything we experience.

    Colours seem more vibrant, music seems richer and our sense of taste is significantly enhanced, making the food we eat taste better. 

    Our experience of nature becomes more joyful; people become more interesting to us. 

    Our ability to see through problems and challenges is greatly enhanced by the higher cognitive functions that result from this practice.

    With meditation, those beautiful moments - where we see the world in technicolour and fully appreciate the wonder of our existence - are no longer a fleeting rarity, they make up the fabric of our days. 

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  • Reviews

    Matt, Banker, London

    I’m seeing the benefits already as it’s a very useful tool to clear my head, get things into perspective and really relax. A big plus is the energy I find it gives me, it’s like having an amazing nap but in 20 minutes.

    Laura, Designer, London

    Meditation is incredible – you feel amazing, the world rolls with you and all questions and stresses can be dealt with using a clear, balanced perspective. Everything just seems easier. Will’s style of teaching is perfect for modern city living. He guides you, so you understand how to work meditation into your lifestyle, rather than having to schedule your lifestyle to suit meditation. 

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"..I managed to switch off for long enough to get that floaty feeling people from Brighton swear by."
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