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Do you find it difficult to concentrate? If you do, you are far from alone. Whether it’s checking social media while we’re meant to be watching the latest Netflix series, never getting past the second chapter of a book or finding it impossible to focus on the latest project of work, lack of concentration is a modern epidemic. But all is not lost! Improving concentration through meditation isn’t only possible, it can be effortless - and here we’ll explain why.

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  • The problem

    Living a busy, modern life creates so much stimulation within the nervous system that we experience over-stimulated thinking, compromising our concentration. 

    Our ability to concentrate, focus, organise and be efficient is all under threat from the constant stress and stimulation of modern life.

    This often creates a cycle of stress and confusion, as fuzzy thinking leads to mistakes and forgetfulness which can have an impact later down the line - creating yet more stress. 

  • How it affects you

    If you find it difficult to concentrate, then the last thing you need to be doing is a concentration based meditation practice. It will drive you crackers!

    Beeja meditation, on the other hand, is incredibly easy to do. It doesn’t rely on concentration, but utilises a powerful set of simple sounds, called mantras, to help you bypass the busy mind and get into a deeply relaxed state.

  • How can Beeja help?

    Beeja meditation restores the brain and body and makes it much easier for us to think calmly and clearly.

    Meditation helps by giving us a break from the hamster wheel of life, de-escalating the day-to-day dramas and allowing us to think calmly and clearly once more.

    Beeja meditation provides enormous levels of energy restoration in the brain and the body. The unique mantra we give you will help your brain achieve a higher degree of coherence.

    The less scattered our nervous impulses and the more coherent our thinking, the more capable we are of simultaneously processing lots of information and stimulus, allowing us to stay on-task even in the face of multiple demands.

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  • Reviews

    Dan, Brand Consultant, Geneva

    The meditation has provided me with a valuable daily framework and system that I have since applied to my brand consultancy business, enabling greater clarity, priority setting and motivation. A highly worthwhile investment for anyone involved in business.

    Bhimji, Businessman, London

    My meditation is integrating itself very smoothly and providing to be many real noticeable benefits. In the beginning I was checking time after 8-10 minutes, now I have nearly reached this to 17-18 minutes and several times its crossed past 20 minutes. Sound sleep, no anxiety and increase in concentration are my immediate benefits.

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"I was struck by how easy it was to practice the technique. I suddenly had more energy, concentrated better and felt warmer towards other people. I earned a first class degree, which had not previously been on the cards. Meditation was by far the best thing I learned at Oxford. After meditating I feel calm, centred and ready to compete."

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Jonathan Rowson, three times British Chess Champion

"..I managed to switch off for long enough to get that floaty feeling people from Brighton swear by."
"I have a lifelong tool that has brought me calm, clarity and increased creativity"
"I've noticed that I’m no longer ruled by emotions – I can see when I’m angry or frustrated without being in that feeling.”

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