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Can’t make up your mind whether Beeja is for you ;) Research shows that stress makes it harder for us all to reason, organise information, make decisions and solve problems. Beeja helps to relieve stress and get the brain functioning in a unique state which gives our decision making skills an incredible boost.

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  • The problem

    We live in a super speedy age of information overload, but our brain’s computational capability has not changed for thousands of years.

    In the 21st century, the big question is: how do we cope with and process all of this data? How do we make the best decisions for ourselves, when we are swimming like tiny little fish through massive oceans of information?

    More than ever before, we need to develop strategies to manage this information flow and carve a path through it.

    We already have impaired cognitive functioning due to the sheer weight of demands on us in our frenetic modern lives. 

    And when we are stressed, our ability to manage information becomes hugely compromised...

  • How it affects you

    One of the main problems is that stress disrupts something called executive function. This isn’t so much about the storage and retrieval of information, which itself becomes impaired by stress. It is more about what you do with this information. How you reason, how you organise the information strategically, how flexible you are with it, and how it guides your decision making and problem-solving capabilities.

    If this becomes disrupted, our decisions are not going to be as well conceived as they could be. Stress also causes our perceptual capabilities to narrow, so we tend to operate with less information flowing in.

    This is compounded by the fact that making a ‘bad’ call often leads to added stress.

    The vicious cycle of decision anxiety makes the whole process of making ‘good’ decisions even more challenging.

  • How can Beeja help?

    When we meditate, our stress response stops butting in so much. We feel much more robust and full of poise! Even under previously high pressure situations.

    Our anxiety levels stay in check. Negative patterns stop interfering with our internal computer. Our greater perceptual capabilities and adaptability means we can absorb new information and respond appropriately at all times.

    With practice, we find that nothing hinders our executive functions anymore and the unique brain state functioning that comes with Beeja meditation means that our capabilities not only remain intact, they actually improve considerably.

    We feel not only ready to meet the demands placed upon us, but actually ahead of the game. 

    We find navigating the decisions of life much less stressful and far more rewarding.

    And if we make a mistake? We just pick up the pieces, learn the lesson, and move on. No beating ourselves up, no looking back wistfully; we know we made the best decision we could based on the information available to us, and we glide into the future ready to take on the next one.

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  • Reviews

    Zuzanna, PA, London

    “I sleep better; I wake up easier in the morning. I have more energy, I seem to make better decisions. I have a clearer mind and my friends often compliment me on how vibrant I seem.” 

    Phil, Artist, London

    “Having finally decided to take the course, I can genuinely say that Will really did change my life… over time I am seeing considerable positive changes in my life. I have more energy, I sleep better, my thinking is much clearer and I am way, way happier.”

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