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Regular meditation allows practitioners to avoid overwhelming the mind with stress and anxiety before attending an interview or giving a presentation. With a clear head and a relaxed, harmonious body state, we can focus on communicating clearly and confidently and giving a good impression.

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  • The problem

    You’ve got an important meeting or presentation, or are about to step into an interview. Your palms are sweaty, your heart rate is up, you’re restless and very nervous. You walk into the room and begin to deliver. But you start to panic; your throat dries up, and your memory freezes. 

    Modern life is so demanding and so overstimulating that our nervous system is constantly on the threshold of stress. And when you have deadlines, important meetings, interviews or presentations, the nervous system gets easily triggered into a ‘fight or flight’ stress response.

  • How it affects you

    The problem is, when we’re stressed, vital cognitive functions begin shutting down. We lose our ability to think laterally and creatively. 

    The hippocampus begins shutting down, dampening our memory function. The prefrontal cortex begins shutting down, inhibiting our ability to think clearly and rationally, and to organise information.

    These actions cause defensiveness, and an inability to relate in meaningful ways. We find it hard to listen properly, are impatient and unforgiving of other people’s responses.

    In addition, when there is adrenaline in our system, we might fidget or wring our hands, our leg might start shaking in a nervous jitter, and we basically blow any chance of appearing cool, calm and collected!

    Your body also starts sweating to try and rid itself of unnecessary water, which is useful when you’re trying to run away from tigers, but not so useful when you’re trying to impress colleagues, clients and potential new bosses.

    You also begin secreting lots of stress hormones, most notably cortisol, which spreads out in a six-foot cloud all around you. The problem is, these hormones get ingested by the people you are with, and it starts putting them on edge.

    Did you know, that when you feel edgy or nervous, it affects the electromagnetic field around you to a radius of about eight feet? This affects the electromagnetic field of the people who are within your radius and quite often causes the electromagnetic functioning of their brain to become more edgy and nervous too.

    You end up making everybody in the room feel uncomfortable and uncertain about your capabilities, even if what you’re saying is bang on.

  • How can Beeja help?

    Beeja meditation gives you much greater resilience to stress and anxiety so you stop feeling so ruffled by challenging situations like making presentations or doing interviews. Studies have shown that it is 2.5 x more effective at reducing anxiety than any other technique.

    The part of your brain that is so reactive to such situations starts to become what’s known as ‘functionally less active,’ meaning that any stress you feel tends to be more productive (i.e. getting you moving in serious situations). The by-product of this is that you don’t experience the cognitive shutdown of the past. Your memory becomes sharper, you can think clearly and rationally, and you can perform to your best.

    Indeed, as a tactical tool, this meditation is absolutely fabulous for doing shortly before you go into your meeting. It helps bring such clarity and poise.

    Within a few months of practice, the meditation will actually begin to enhance your cognitive functions.  The Beeja technique activates your prefrontal cortex (PFC) so that your executive, creative and interpersonal functions become more agile. Not only does it become more active, your PFC actually grows thicker. The hippocampus begins growing larger, and your memory becomes better than ever. Indeed a recent study showed that our students outperformed participants from all of the meditation test groups on working memory tests.

    This meditation also tends to deliver greater levels of confidence and self-esteem, meaning that you’re not just talking the talk, you are walking the walk. Your energy and radiance and good vibes will rub off on your audience. Your non-verbal communication, which plays such a huge role in convincing people, will tend to be much more convincing.

    In every way, Beeja the is the feel-good tool to get you performing your best.

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  • Reviews


    "During meditation, I have felt a very powerful energy force within me while meditating, I feel much more confidence in speaking my mind and composing my sentences and articulating myself.”

    Tora, Online Acquisition Specialist

    “Will & his team are a meditation dream! Their support over the last year has been excellent and I am always appreciative :-) Beeja meditation in itself is a very reassuring skill to have; I consistently use it to my advantage”.

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"Beeja meditation has been shown to reduce your levels of the stress hormone cortisol by an average of 33%."

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