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Meditation can help women to deal with the menopause by managing and reducing stress levels and affecting the body’s hormonal balance. With meditation, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and other such treatments can become less necessary, as we tap into our inbuilt capabilities to turn this key phase transition into a time of strength and health.

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  • The problem

    Just because the menopause happens to every woman doesn’t mean it’s any easier to handle when it happens to you.

    For some people, coping with menopause can be extremely tough. Symptoms can include lack of energy, insomnia, weight gain and a much greater risk of cardiovascular problems and atherosclerosis.

    The worst thing about dealing with menopause and the arrival of symptoms is that they directly cause more stress. That creates a vicious cycle whereby the more we get stressed, the more our symptoms intensify, and this process can feed on itself until we feel completely overwhelmed and not ourselves.

  • How it affects you

    There is huge hormonal change afoot during the menopause. While this a perfectly natural part of life, the amount of stress in our lives can really affect the severity of symptoms we experience during this time.

  • How can Beeja help?

    By managing and reducing stress levels, Beeja meditation will help to lessen the symptoms of the menopause. With meditation, in many cases HRT and other such therapies become less necessary, as we tap into our inbuilt capabilities to turn this key phase transition into a time of strength and health.

    Lack of energy is greatly offset by the energising effects of Beeja meditation. This is due to the deep levels of rest it provides, and also the fact that our reduced susceptibility to stressful reactions when we meditate allows us to be much more efficient with the energy we have.

    Insomnia is helped massively by the calming of the nervous system. And even when we do get a poor night’s rest, a twenty minute meditation helps restore us.

    The weight gain that so many women complain of during the menopause is often caused by an increase in the insulin resistance of our cells, which is greatly offset by the calming influence of meditation.

    Cardiovascular problems and atherosclerosis are relieved by the nourishing and balancing effects brought about by meditation. Oestrogen therapy does protect against further build-up of atherosclerosis, but does nothing to reverse the buildup of plaques that have in most cases been coming since the age of thirty. Meditating with beeja actually addresses the core issue of plaque build-up in the first place.

    Oestrogen also inhibits the breaking down of bones and so when our estrogen levels drop after menopause, the bones often become weakened, and we are at risk of developing osteoporosis. The hormonal balance brought about by meditation means we continue to maintain stronger bones long after the menopausal phase has passed and our risk of developing osteoporosis is reduced.

    This hormonal balance brought about by meditation for the menopause also allows us to avoid the horrible mood swings, which feel unavoidable. Our body’s production and uptake of endorphins is more balanced and so we are much less prone to symptoms of depression and anxiety.

    Anxious feelings disperse as we develop a much better-behaved amygdala; the engine of our anxiety response.

    Depression lifts due to a much better behaved sympathetic nervous system, which is the engine of both our darkness and our irritability.

    Having a balanced nervous system also means that migraines are much less likely to occur. Any time the aura phase of the migraine starts to kick in, just have a quick tactical 10 or 15-minute meditation, and your symptoms will magically disappear.

    And if memory is proving a bit dicky, the improved cognitive functioning that Beeja meditation brings can be very gratifying. 

    Meditation strengthens who we are, filling us with confidence and self-worth. 

    And, we know this bit sounds too good to be true but, we also experience a reversal of ageing, meaning that our cellular repair functioning starts to work so efficiently we become the beneficiaries of a massive biological dividend. Bring it on!

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  • Reviews


    "I’ve been meditating for just under a year now having played around with the idea for many years. I had tried all sorts to combat stress, insomnia and anxiety but without success. I embarked on the weekend course and have found the technique so simple and easy to do from day to day. Meditation can be done anywhere and is such a wonderful tool to have to overcome so many of life’s stresses and challenges. I have become a calmer, more grounded person and my insomnia is almost a distant memory. Meditation is a part of my daily life and without it I would be at a loss”

    Linda, Retiree

    “The simple but effective technique of Beeja meditation has given me an invaluable tool which allows me to view my life in a much more positive light. Its benefits have been immediate; I am feeling so much calmer and my energy levels have increased, making me feel ready to take on whatever the day ahead has to offer.”

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"So many women I've talked to see menopause as an ending. But I've discovered this is your moment to reinvent yourself after years of focusing on the needs of everyone else. It's your opportunity to get clear about what matters to you and then to pursue that with all of your energy, time and talent."

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