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Anybody who’s ever had a migraine knows how debilitating they can be. You are forced to stop everything and shut down until it goes away. Meditating with the Beeja technique can dramatically reduce how often migraines occur, can help to nip them in the bud as soon as you feel one coming, and even put an end to them for good.

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  • The problem

    Migraines are a neurophysiological disorder that is little understood, and there seems little recourse to solving them, other than going to bed and taking lots of painkillers until the headache and nausea wear off.

  • How it affects you

    Migraines are characterised by an unhealthy and unnatural level of excitability within neurons and pain receptors in the brain, which can lead to an onset of an episode whenever the nervous system gets overwhelmed.

    There are lots of different factors including stress and fatigue. The hormonal imbalances brought about by pregnancy and the menopause also raises the likelihood of a migraine occurring.

  • How can Beeja help?

    Beeja meditation treats migraines on lots of different levels.

    The individually selected mantras we use are so soothing that they bring balance to the autonomic nervous system. As it calms down, the over-excited neurons that are getting us agitated also chill out. 

    Beeja also helps to improve the known triggers of migraines. 

    It greatly reduces our stress levels and provides deep rest that energises us out of fatigue. 

    It results in a greater level of hormonal balance, whether in the transition of pregnancy, menopause, or any other time. 

    It also fosters greater cerebral blood flow, which may help alleviate the onset of a migraine.

    Whilst these underlying issues are addressed over time, Beeja is also an instant and incredibly effective tactical tool for those who experience an aura phase at the onset of an episode.

    Without fail, if you get an aura and you start meditating, the migraine will never arrive. Dealing with migraines will become enjoyable!

    For those who don’t get auras, don’t worry, Beeja meditation provides excellent pain management and is often found to relieve intensity significantly and to speed up recovery times.

    It is all to do with the efficacy of our naturally occurring painkillers such as opioids, which get released in abundance when we meditate and which are three times more effective than morphine in quelling pain.

    Meditation also helps with symptoms of depression, anxiety and mood swings that so often accompany migraine sufferers; making it the ultimate win win migraine busting package!

    Our students have reported being saved from migraines while up mountains, about to get on a 16-hour flight and numerous others have told us they no longer experience any problems in this area.

    Through Beeja meditation, we can banish the pain of migraines to a distant memory.

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  • Reviews

    Helen, PR

    "I learned 5 weeks ago and my experience has been super positive. My anxiety and depression is lifting, I’m sleeping like a log, I have waves of energy, am super productive at work and less reactive to potentially stressful situations. My friends and colleagues have noticed how much calmer, balanced and happier I seem. I treasure the glimpses of bliss and tranquility I get to experience when I do this. Thank you!”

    Dan, Plumber

    “Beeja meditation had an instant massive impact on my life. I’m more productive at home and at work and I’m a better dad. My energy levels are up. I’ve gone from a night owl to a morning person without trying. My headaches and migraines are gone. We are all benefiting from a more harmonious household. I have more creative ideas, empathy, patience and my stress management has greatly improved.”

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