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Parenting is perhaps one of the greatest and most rewarding adventures we can embark on - but like all adventures, there are plenty of challenges to overcome along the way. From the moment of conception to dealing with grumpy teenagers, Beeja meditation gives us the energy and patience to absorb the constant demands of parenting.

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  • The problem

    Even in the womb, babies can be affected by their mum’s stress hormones. 

    Evidence also suggests that too much stress in the family home can negatively impact children in a variety of ways. 

    However, being frightened that stress will harm your kids inevitably creates even more stress - and it’s very hard in the modern world to keep the pressures of life at bay.

    While parenting is a beautiful experience, it can also be exhausting, frustrating and extremely hard work.

  • How it affects you

    We can read every parenting manual under the sun, and yet it’s only through experience do we begin to find our feet, and realise what works for us.

    Despite this, there’s an enormous amount of external pressure from both our peers and society, and many of us can end up feeling that we are failing to live up to the proper standards of parenting - standards which are often idealised and unrealistic. 

    We are constantly battling against the headwinds of change, in our lives and our children’s, bearing an enormous responsibility to ensure the health and happiness of a dependent being. 

    The stresses and strains of life mean we are not always at our best. And when we are not at our best, it is difficult to give our best, no matter how much effort we pour in.

  • How can Beeja meditation help?

    When we free ourselves of stress and fatigue through meditation for parents, we are better able to express our love and nurture our children. 

    We have more energy to play, more attention to give, much more love to share and greater capacity to absorb the constant demands of parenthood.

    When we meditate, the brain releases fewer stress hormones. Therefore, if Mum is meditating while she is carrying, fewer stress chemicals will be reaching the womb while baby develops.

    Thus the little one enters this world with fewer negative pre-programmed reactions to stimuli, and baby is invariably calmer and more content.

    In the early days of parenthood, meditation helps us to stay adequately rested by helping us sleep, or by providing a wonderful substitute for sleep when the little one is up all night.

    Later on, meditation provides greater creative capacity and adaptive capability to deal with new challenges. It also gives us access to greater levels of inner wisdom and as such our guidance is much more inspiring.

    Meditation also helps us cope with parental anxiety. We can be at ease when older children are out exploring the world and give them the freedom, responsibility and inspiring leadership to behave in ways and make decisions that demonstrate their growing maturity.

    They will find they have less to rebel against and we will find ourselves becoming less and less prone to negative patterns of behaviour that may rub off on them. Instead, we can become more of an example for our little ones to follow.

    Our greater levels of understanding means we can relate to our children more, even when they are experiencing difficulty and being challenging.

    We become more of the parent we had always hoped to be.

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  • Reviews

    Simon, Video Director, Sydney

    “Having seen first hand the positive difference the Beeja meditation had made on my life, my wife was very curious about it, but she was worried about he she would fit it in with looking after two young children. But as soon as she met Will and he talked her through some of the strategies for doing it as a young mother, she opted to take the course… She is much more calm and balanced, and now there are two of us feeling this way, our kids get to benefit from having two much more relaxed parents.”

    Adele, Mother, London

    "This is the first time that I’ve truly stopped and relaxed since I had my little boy three years ago. It feels so nice!”

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“I'm not claiming that I've become a patiently smiling saint overnight. But I do think that if you can glimpse a moment of peaceful calm in the presence of your baby or toddler, you're really on to something – both as a parent and a human being.”

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Melissa McClements, The Guardian

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