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Meditation is very effective at helping to develop problem solving skills. Too often, decisions can be clouded by emotions, negative associations from our past, and biases. Clearing the mind with meditation practice allows you to approach problems more neutrally and see all of the puzzle pieces more clearly and accurately.

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  • The problem

    In modern life there are constant problems we need to solve. From which tube to catch, to who’s going to babysit the kids on Saturday night, or what on earth you’re going to cook for dinner. Most jobs place further demands on our problem-solving abilities. And the more stressed or tired you are, the harder problems are to work out. Some seem insolvable. Others zap so much mental energy they leave us good for nothing else. 

    The sheer volume of challenges that come our way means we’re becoming ever more overwhelmed. This of course adds to our stress levels making things worse.

    In the age of instant communications and portable technology, we are expected to immediately respond with answers and solutions.

    But the irony is, all this build-up of demand, and the ever increasing complexity in our world, is inhibiting our ability to come up with good ideas, let alone amazing ones.

  • How it affects you

    As we are under pressure our sympathetic nervous system kicks into action. The more it gets going, the more essential brain functions begin to shutdown.

    One of the most significant casualties of this is our prefrontal cortex, where all of our creative functions and lateral thinking skills live.

    There are strong evolutionary reasons for this phenomenon. But, it doesn’t feel very evolved when you have a mental block or are unable to progress with a project or idea as you can’t work out a clear way forward.  Or you’ve reached saturation point and just can’t absorb another thing. 

    And the faster life moves, the more this becomes a feature until eventually this chronic shutdown starts to become ingrained.

    This often leads to anxiety, which can build over time as we exhaust ourselves trying to find solutions. And again, the more anxious we become, the more we stressed we become, and the more we struggle to navigate life’s problems big or small. 


  • How can Beeja meditation help?

    Beeja meditation is renowned for enhancing problem-solving capabilities. The reason for this is that your prefrontal cortex becomes much more active when you meditate regularly.

    After an average of four months of practice, your frontal cortex also begins to thicken. The combined effect of this and the extra activity is that your problem-solving capabilities start to grow and grow.

    Not only that, but when we practice this technique our brain goes into a high level of coherence, which is associated with peak performance functioning and innovative thinking.

    We find it far easier to work out solutions for challenges or problems, and to be far more flexible in our thinking. Suddenly, we’re not exhausted by problems any more, We deal with them. And still have time and brain energy for other stuff. 

    The deep rest and relaxation we get whilst meditating, and the better quality sleep we get at night, gives us way more physical, mental and emotional energy. We are better equipped in every way to deal with life’s challenges as they come to us.

    It also helps you stay rational, meaning that your responses are more considered, rather than reactive. Doing this practice will also significantly increase your resilience to stress, therefore insulating you from the problem-compounding effects that come from an overactive stress response.

    Not only will we become super adept at problem solving, we’ll also be far more able to  execute those ideas. Meditation improves our ability to communicate with others are convey our ideas; when we’re happy and inspired those feelings spread to other people. 

    Whether it’s because of the enhanced executive functioning that comes from this technique, or because of the superior interpersonal skills that naturally flow from regular practice.

    As we continue our meditation journey, we begin to feel ‘the flow’. Problems become a thing of the past, and instead you simply approach creative challenges, knowing that you have what it takes to handle them with grace and skill.  


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  • Reviews

    Nikki, TV Producer, London

    "I'm calmer, less stressed and find this new relaxed state enhances my ability to work effectively and retain information. I've also noticed a significant enhancement in my ability to problem solve situations. This is definitely something that everyone should learn.”

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