Meditation for PTSD

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Many studies have shown that meditation can work to improve PTSD symptoms, helping practitioners to live with stress and recover from past traumas, building an enduring new mental outlook that looks to the future rather than the past.

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  • The problem

    PTSD comes as a result of a severely traumatic life event, which changes the way our brain perceives the world and interprets potential threats.

    It can cause distressing flashbacks and recurring nightmares. Some people feel irritable and struggle to relax or sleep as they are stuck on hyper alert flight or fight mode. Others avoid any situations, or people, that might remind them of the event. 

    There may also be physical symptoms of PTSD anxiety, such as diarrhoea, palpitations or headaches.

    It’s not uncommon for people to reach for booze or drugs to help blot out the pain, but unfortunately this only makes things worse.

  • How it affects you

    When PTSD occurs, it’s because the driver of the anxiety response - the amygdala - has become overactive and is releasing way too many neurotransmitters. Suddenly we become fearful of things that would never bothered us before.  

    As a result, the adrenal glands tend to get overstimulated. If the trauma happened repeatedly, then it’s very likely the hippocampus (the region in the brain responsible for the consolidation of information) will have been damaged too, causing memory problems and other blunted cognitive functioning

  • How can Beeja help?

    Counselling is usually the first port of call for PTSD sufferers but seems to have limited success. That’s because the trauma is stored within the deepest layers of our being.

    Beeja meditation can take us beyond our conscious thoughts to allow even the deepest traumas to be healed.

    Meditation also chills out the hyperactive amygdala so that we are no longer have to cope with a debilitating rush of stress hormones in situations which should be fine. Our ‘flight or fight’ mode is reset to normal.

    Not only that, but the hippocampus of meditators tends to grow significantly larger, which offsets some of the damage caused by traumatic events. It also tends to result in greater neuroplasticity, allowing the brain to compensate for damaged cells and tissues by using another region of the brain to take up the slack.

    The emotional numbness that is so common to PTSD is also significantly reduced when we meditate.

    Initial studies have shown a 50% reduction in symptoms within two months of learning meditation using personalised mantras, as well as decreased marital problems, decreased startle response, a higher rate of employment and dramatic improvements in self-assessed quality of life scores.

    Beeja meditation is an incredible tool for conquering depression, insomnia and  alcohol-related problems that so often accompany this condition.

    As the final cherry on the cake, Beeja will renew your energy, your sense of well-being and your zest for life. We don’t need to be trapped by the past, when such a simple and enjoyable practice can unlock endless possibilities for the future.

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  • Reviews

    onica, Cardiologist

    "This is clearly a life-changing experience. Once you have discovered this, it is simply impossible to go back to previous negative patterns of life…simply amazing."

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