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Everyone snores once in a while, and everyone has probably been teased for it too! However, when it becomes a chronic problem, snoring is no joke either for the people who do it or for those who have to sleep next to them. People who snore finding themselves at greater risk of heart attacks, strokes…and divorce.

Luckily, Beeja meditation can help to reduce snoring. By restoring our breathing patterns to a more natural rhythm and functioning and allowing us to breathe easily and efficiently, we can find ourselves in a silent slumber for the first time in years.

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  • The Problem

    Snoring is the vibrational outcome of obstructed air movement when we’re sleeping. It can arise from numerous factors, including:

    Tiredness and fatigue.

    Alcohol, medications or recreational drugs, which over-relax the throat muscles.

    Tension in the jaw brought about by stress, causing unnatural positioning of the jawbone.

    Fat gathering in and around the throat.

    Obstruction of the nasal passageways.

  • How it affects you

    The idea of snoring may not seem like a particularly serious issue, but it can be pretty distressing for the person snoring, and, indeed, their partners.

    For the snorer, it can lead to reduced quality and quantity of sleep, which in turn can lead to irritability, drowsiness, a lack of focus and a loss of libido.

    Long term, severe snoring has been associated with increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and divorce.

    For those who live with chronic snorers, there is chronic sleep deprivation, often leading to the emotional deprivation of loss of physical contact brought on by separate sleeping arrangements.

  • How can Beeja help?

    Beeja meditation can help us deal with snoring in a variety of ways. 

    By washing away our stress, meditation releases the tension in our jaw and adjacent muscles so that the jaw positions itself in an unobtrusive way during our sleep.

    This reduction of stress can also help us avoid coping mechanisms, such as alcohol, that lead to snoring once we fall asleep. 

    Meditation helps us manage our weight, which makes the development of sleep apnea - a major cause of snoring - less likely. 

    Our modern way of living has caused us all to develop very poor respiratory conditioning (stress-induced shallow breathing, for example) which leads to a much greater likelihood of snoring - as well as poor delivery of oxygen to all of our cells and tissues.

    Meditation helps us to effortless breathe more naturally, which in turn reduces our likelihood of snoring at night. 

    And if for any reason the snoring is a result of some inherent structural biology that cannot be fixed by any of the above, then meditation will still help compensate for the possible sleep deprivation of the snorer and his or her family members!

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  • Reviews

    Fabian. Actor, London

    After my first session with Will I noticed a huge improvement in my sleep, and from then on it’s only got better. I’m also more alert when I’m awake.

    Emmanuelle, Life Coach, London

    I cannot explain it but meditating is changing my life daily, I eat better, drink less alcohol (my body doesn’t enjoy it as much), I feel totally rested and relaxed and life just feels amazing! I would totally recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a stress-free, amazing life!

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