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Ongoing Support

Once you have learned with us, with another teacher or, if you have learned the Transcendental meditation technique, you have access to a wide range of events that are there to help support you as your practise develops.  

There is a great community, full of super cool peeps, if you wish to plug into it.

Here is what we have going on to help support you whenever you wish …

  • The Gathering:  night of conversation, delicious food, meditation and live music with Hemsley Hemsley, the beautiful Lucy Rose and Will Williams himself hosting the event – Find out more >>
  • Group Meditations:  held weekly of an evening. Have your questions answered and your technique fine-tuned – Find out more >>
  • Meditation Movie Nights: enjoy a group meditation, a yummy meal and a cool movie that has some relation to – Find out more >>
  • Shavasana Disco: listen to an epic album after a group meditation and enjoy how your heightened hearing makes the melody so rich –Find out more >>
  • Access to a Teacher: If at any time you need to get in touch to have your questions answered, simply call or email (see below).
  • Back on the Wagon Workshop: Sometimes life can take over and so we have regular off the wagon workshops to help you get back on the meditation express as quickly as possible (see below)
  • Refresher Session: Need a refresher on the main points of meditation? Then drop into one of our courses (see below).

  Access to a teacher

We hope you know this already, but in case you are in any doubt, whenever you need to speak to us about anything related to meditation do not hesitate to pick up your phone, send an email or text us. We are passionate about what we do and promise you a lifetime commitment of support when you learn this technique. So please don’t be shy!

Back on the Wagon Workshop

If you feel like your practise has slipped (a little or even a lot!) and you’d like to get back on the meditation bus, we hold free workshops to do just that.  Just as easily as it slipped, within a couple of hours we can effortlessly get you back on track so you can sally forth once more!

Our next workshop: TBC

Refresher Session

If at any point you think you would benefit from re-sitting the Beginner’s Meditation Course, you are welcome to come and join a course at any time free of charge (availability pending). Just give us a tinkle and reserve your place!


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