18:30 - 23:00

The Rolling Stones - "Beggars Banquet" meditation & full album playback at Olympic Studios

Join us for a truly unique experience. Visit the studios where some of the greatest records of all time were recorded for a group meditation followed by a full album playback.

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  • Date:  Watch this space
  • Location:  Olympic Studios, 117-123 Church Rd, Barnes, London SW13 9HL   See on map
  • Ticket Price:  From £100

The idea was dreamed up by Will on a dawn drive to Brighton. "We’d woken up on a Saturday morning and completed our usual meditation practice. It was an absolute belter of a day; amazing weather with hardly anyone on the roads. Both of us are big Radiohead fans, so we decided to put on OK Computer for the drive and it just sounded immense. Our meditation had really opened up our senses and it felt like the music was washing over us. We were hearing things on the record that we’d never even picked up on before. Right then, we decided to get a gang of people together and do this on a regular basis."

Welcome to Shavasana Disco!

Since launching this event at our studio, we have now graduated to presenting the tracks in the very music studios where they were first recorded. It's a great privilege and feels very poignant to be able to fully appreciate the depths of an album in the very place it was laid down by its creators.   

We run the album from start to finish; lying in blissful silence, revelling in the tones, tuning into the rhythms, and soaking the up space between the notes

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