Your days as a student can be some of the best of your life, but they can also be among the most stressful.

More and more students are reporting feeling stressed or overwhelmed during their time at university, whether it’s simply the workload getting too much, or more serious mental health issues.

This means that it’s more important than ever that universities have a robust system of wellbeing services in place to ensure the welfare of their students (and their staff too).

We’ve contacted universities up and down the country to find out how much they spent on their wellbeing services for both students and staff in the last year.

Note: The exact wellbeing services provided by each university differ slightly, so a lower spend doesn’t necessarily mean that a university is providing less support.

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We submitted a Freedom of Information request to each of the UK’s universities, asking for their total spend on staff and student wellbeing services (or the equivalent department) during the 2018/19 academic year.

Note that each university has a slightly different setup when it comes to their wellbeing services, which usually cover a lot more than just mental health, which means that the figures may not be directly comparable.

Any universities not shown either did not respond by 08/01/2020 or did not hold the information we requested.