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One of the most regular questions that we get asked at our London meditation centre is about the many different meditation techniques and how they differ and, in particular, purely to the nature of what we do, how these different practices differ to Beeja meditation.

Many people assume that they are pretty much the same when there are in fact many differences.  You can liken this to someone who is a musician.  We would most likely ask what instrument they play and, while they can of course practise more than one instrument, the actual methodology of practising the violin and the drums, for example, is very different. It’s the same with meditation.

Areas to consider

There are four main areas in which the different meditation types differ:
1.    THE PRACTICE. How they work. This can vary from walking to laughing, concentration to effortless relaxation.
2.     SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. This has shown that there are in fact considerable differences in the way that the brain and body respond to different meditation techniques.
3.    ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE. In our wide personal & professional experience, there tend to be quite a lot of consistencies that are worth pointing out.
4.    PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS. Different techniques require different levels of commitment, set-up and environment.

In light of these variations (and in memory of how confused we were until we dipped our toes in!), we’ve put together this little guide to help you understand a bit more about the smorgasbord of techniques that are now available.

Our experience

We’ve tried remaining as objective as possible in collating this information. Jess and Will have travelled the world and explored most of the varied and wonderful systems for attaining great meditation experience and personal development. They are pleased to speak from a platform of experience.

However, as Beeja meditation teachers, please do accept our apologies in advance if any undeliberate and inherent bias for Beeja meditation creeps in. Please get in touch if you feel there is!

Find out more about each method of meditation:

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Mantra Meditation

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