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Summary: Beating pain the easy way

  • Do you suffer from chest and/or leg pain when you exercise?
  • Beeja meditation can ease your pain.
  • Beeja meditation brings the nervous system into balance, enables the heart to start beating at a more normal rhythm.

The problem: hardened arteries are a major health worry

Under the stress response the body wants to start pumping blood faster so it can deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Naturally the heart will start beating faster but, in order to enhance the hydraulic drive of the blood further, it’s also very useful to constrict the arteries and to make them more rigid. The blood returning to the heart then blasts into the heart walls, creating a rebound effect, which pumps the blood even faster, and consequently makes the arterial walls even harder.

The turbulence created by the force of the blood flow tends to damage the capillaries and branch points in the arteries throughout the body. The smooth lining of the vessel walls becomes torn and cratered.

Wherever there is damage, there is an inflammatory response, and cells from the immune system start aggregating there, along with foam cells, clotting agents, fats, glucose and cholesterols, which are now thrust together into little plaques lining the vessel walls.

In addition, when we are stressed, our blood chemistry changes, becoming more viscous and even more filled with clotting agents, exacerbating the problem further.

The nature of our automated nervous system ensures this happens every time we get stressed. If we experience enough stress in our lives, then the arterial channels will become permanently hardened, damaged and full of plaques.

Learning Beeja meditation has had a profound impact on my life, health and wellbeing. I’m calmer, less stressed and my digestive issues have disappeared. I’m more productive, inspired and creative in the work I do, which has helped me enormously with setting up my own business.

Naomi, Business Consultant, Surrey

How can Beeja meditation help?

Meditation using personalised mantras brings the nervous system into balance, enables the heart to start beating at a more normal rhythm, and the arterial walls and the muscles surrounding them to have the opportunity to repair and return to a more natural status.

Beeja meditation vastly reduces the number of free radicals scavenging their way around our systems, and these little critters have been found to be a key component of atherosclerotic problems.

Meditation can be a natural way to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by the symptoms of atherosclerosis and its associated conditions and provide an alternative to surgery which itself doesn’t address the core issue.

If you suffer pain in the chest and legs when you walk or run, this could be a sign of atherosclerosis.  You should consult your physician of course, if you wish to reverse the effects of this pernicious condition, you may wish to also consider learning this profound technique of meditation.

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