Meditation as a natural way to reduce cholesterol

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One of the easiest natural ways to reduce cholesterol

  • The accumulation of dangerous fatty plaques causes increased cholesterol levels.

  • When we practise Beeja meditation, our bodies can rest, repair and rebalance at such a profound level, our body will start to work on reducing the level of plaques and overall level of cholesterol in our system.

  • Meditation using personalised mantras leads to an average 10% reduction in cholesterol levels (30ml), making it one of the best natural ways to reduce cholesterol.

The problem: finding natural ways to reduce cholesterol

While much of our present thinking concerns how to lower cholesterol through food consumption, it’s important to understand that it is the accumulation of dangerous fatty plaques that is ultimately the problem.

Although a diet rich in “bad” cholesterol is not going to serve us particularly well, if we eliminate the cause of the plaque accumulation process in the first place, we can be much more at ease with our health (and if we can eliminate both then all the better!).

The way we achieve this is by reducing our stress levels. The consequence of not doing so is a hardening of the arteries and damaged arterial branches as well as a high level of clotting agents, which form whenever we get stressed (see atherosclerosis).

How to lower cholesterol through Beeja meditation

If we increase our resistance to stress and anxiety through Beeja meditation, there will be far fewer hardened, damaged arteries for the cholesterol and cardiovascular crud to stick to, and so it will pass through our system smoothly and easily.

More inspiring still: when we meditate, our bodies can rest, repair and rebalance. This is at such a profound level that not only will we prevent the further build-up of fatty plaques in our system; our body will actually start to work on reducing the level of plaques and reducing the overall level of cholesterol in our system.

It means we actually have the opportunity to turn back the clock and unwind some of the damage caused in days gone by. As natural ways to reduce cholesterol go, it’s one of the most gratifying.

This is very significant. Most interventions or medications generally aim to prevent further cholesterol accumulation. But meditation using personalised mantras actually leads to an average 10% reduction in cholesterol levels (30ml), which is an exceptional result.

When combined with the reduction in vessel damage and atherosclerotic plaque formation that come from the reduction in stress, it is truly game-changing.

It means we can stay blissfully free of medications and their unwanted side effects.

An interesting added dimension to this is the fact that being stressed results in a tendency to eat fatty, sugary comfort foods, which obviously provide fine fodder for plaque formation. When we meditate, of course, our stress levels fall significantly, and so we feel less of a need to reach for the cookie jar.

The result is we achieve a reduction in both the cause and the agent of plaque build-up, and it comes easily and without strain.

If you want to know how to lower cholesterol and wish to make a conscious change in your life, whether through diet or exercise (and you wish to lose a few pounds in the process), you need discipline. This is not always so easy to see through!

Time and time again, people find is that it is far more easily achieved when we are operating with the balance and freedom provided by a simple and enjoyable meditative technique.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help to lower cholesterol

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