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Summary: Heart disease and meditation - less stress is good for your heart

  • Coronary Heart Disease – or CHD – is exacerbated by stress and can lead to major chest pain and poor quality of life.

  • Beeja meditation enables the body to move towards a calmer equilibrium, treating coronary heart disease and helping to repair the damage.

  • Beeja meditation calms down the engines of the stress response and can begin to reverse a lot of the silent but potentially deadly factors, treating heart disease before it manifests.

The problem: stress and pain

The main issue with CHD is that the coronary artery tends to constrict at precisely the time it should be dilating and feeding the heart with oxygen and nutrients whenever physical work is required.

It also gets triggered whenever there is any sign of stress. This type of patterning means we are going to regularly experience ischemic crises (inadequate blood supply reaching the heart) that are silent but damaging every time we are exposed to the merest hint of a stressor.

As the condition worsens, major chest pain (angina pectoris) will become an increasingly frequent part of our life.

Learning Beeja meditation has had a profound impact on my life, health and wellbeing. I’m calmer, less stressed and my digestive issues have disappeared. I’m more productive, inspired and creative in the work I do, which has helped me enormously with setting up my own business.

Naomi, Business Consultant, Surrey

How can Beeja meditation help with treating coronary heart disease?

If we can utilise a technique that significantly reduces the stress-load, there will be a corresponding reduction in the painful and harmful consequences of this condition. Longer term, we will be able to bring our hypertension and atherosclerotic predisposition to more manageable levels, effectively treating coronary heart disease.

By calming down the engines of the stress response, Beeja meditation can begin to reverse a lot of the silent but potentially deadly factors that build us up towards the advanced state of coronary heart disease.

The result will be fewer arterial plaques, less damage to our arteries and our tissues becoming much more oxygenated.

Through Beeja meditation for heart disease, our heart rate and blood pressure will move towards a calmer and more sustainable equilibrium.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help with treating coronary heart disease

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