Meditation for Digestion

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Maintaining digestive wellness

  • Stress can cause a wide variety of digestive problems including indigestion, IBS, acid reflux, food intolerances, constipation, peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis and more.
  • Beeja meditation helps to restore balance in mind and body and improve digestive wellness.


The problem: maintaining the body's engine

Digestive wellness is a hugely important part of what it takes to keep our bodies healthy. But, the constant stress of 21st-century life can disrupt our digestion and cause a lot of problems.

The reason is simple: digestion uses a lot more energy than some other bodily functions and, when the body goes into the ‘fight or flight’ stress response, digestion is forcibly shut down so that our energy resources can be directed elsewhere.

During an emergency situation, we needn’t worry about breaking down our lunch for later. We’re much better off using every ounce of energy we have ensuring we’re not somebody else’s lunch!

The net result, of course, is that all this shutting down and re-firing of the digestive system every time we experience even mild levels of stress plays havoc with our gastrointestinal functioning.

Our stomachs not only break food down chemically, they also do so mechanically by violently contracting the muscle walls on one side of our stomach. As our spoonfuls of nourishment are smashed apart, the constituent pieces are then broken down in a cauldron of acids and enzymes.

We must then lubricate affairs with enough liquid solution to ensure we don’t end up with a brick inside, and then, before elimination, all that fluid must be filtered out of the waste so as not to lose too much hydration. The remaining nutrients can then be metabolised and circulated to the four corners of our being so that we can continue to survive, thrive and play on this mortal coil.

All in all, it’s a pretty intensive process and one that requires incredible coordination between all the members of the digestive orchestra.

If however, we are stressed, our digestion becomes suppressed, and many of the orchestral players fall out of tune, and the result is incomplete and insufficient absorption of nutrients, too little cell lining to protect against the corrosive juices, and significant problems moving all of the toxic detritus towards elimination.

In short, intermittent stress will cause all sorts of digestive problems including indigestion, IBS, acid reflux, food intolerances, constipation, ulcerative colitis and more.

I'm calmer, less stressed and my digestive issues have disappeared. I'm also more productive, inspired and creative in the work I do, which has helped me enormously with setting up my own business


How does Beeja meditation help digestive wellness?

If you want to know how to improve digestion, the answer lies in meditation. Beeja meditation is unique in helping to enhance digestive wellness by restoring balance on six different levels.

First of all, it restores the mind and body’s optimal functionality, which quells the imbalances brought about by ingrained sub-optimal functioning.

Secondly, it helps restore biochemical balance to the fluids involved in the digestive process and results in a full complement of hormones conducting the orchestra. 

Thirdly, it helps restore blood flow to the gut area so that the lifeblood of the nutrient distribution and waste disposal processes is fully active. 

Fourthly, it aids the repair of any damaged tissues and cells so that they can function correctly and stop causing us so much pain. 

Fifthly, it will help us tune into our digestion so that we can feel when we have eaten enough and not overeat as we so often do, snuffing out the digestive fires along the way. 

Finally, it works to ensure we stop responding so automatically to psychological stressors so that the driving force behind compromised digestive functioning is calmed to a much more manageable level. 

If your situation is already acute, and you want a speedy recovery, then, by all means, take some supportive complementary therapy as well, but any doctor worth their salt will confirm what you need first and foremost is a stress reduction programme.

Beeja meditation is the best stress reduction and digestive wellness programme available. It reaches all six layers of the rebalancing process so that you can quickly move towards being, happy, healthy and more energised.

You don’t necessarily need to have acute symptoms such as the above for Beeja meditation to be suitable for you. If you have lots of gas, funky farts or smelly stools, you are unlikely to be digesting your food properly. This is central to your wellbeing, so it is worth taking note and possibly some corrective action.

What's the proof?

The largest ever study carried out on meditation measured the medical records of 2000 people using this technique versus a control group. The meditators demonstrated a 51% reduction in the incidence of Gastro-Intestinal disorders.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help with your digestion

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