How to prevent hay fever without medication

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Summary: banish the pollen blues with natural hay fever remedies

  • We suffer from hay fever when the body mistakes pollen for a dangerous invader and triggers the immune response.
  • Beeja meditation resets and rebalances the mind, body and nervous system and forms a useful hay fever cure.

What is hay fever?

Hay fever stems from our immune systems having been through a period of imbalanced immune functioning.

The body’s innate defences mistake pollen for a dangerous foreign invader and trigger an immune response, which is then memorised and becomes automatically activated whenever pollen, and substances with similar molecular structures, enter our system.

We have effectively developed a hypersensitivity disorder, which will result in inflammation of the passageways, respiratory issues and possibly even asthma attacks.

Beeja meditation as a hay fever cure

When we meditate, we allow the mind, body and nervous systems to rest at such a profound level that they can begin to rebalance and reset themselves.

One of the results of this process is that our immune system begins to be able to recognise the difference between pathogens and pollens, responding to the former but no longer attacking the latter.

The automated patterning that has been programmed into our autonomic nervous system is superseded by a healthier response mechanism so that with time, pollen becomes less and less of an issue for us.

While this takes place, the meditation will help reduce the inflammation of our eyes and nose, and it is also an amazing tactical tool against the onset of asthma attacks. There is no surefire cure for hay fever, but Beeja meditation is among the most effective natural hay fever remedies.


Find out how to prevent hay fever with Beeja meditation

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