Treating irregular cycles with meditation

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Summary: regular menstruation through Beeja meditation

  • Stress can significantly disrupt the menstrual cycle.

  • Beeja meditation for irregular menstrual cycles reduces stress – and helps keep cycles regular.

  • Meditating dramatically reduces our stress responsiveness, the feedback systems within the nervous system become more finely tuned, and our brain functioning optimises.
  • Ayurvedic treatment for irregular menstrual cycles leads to greater hormonal balance and regularity.

The problem: menstrual disruption

When we are stressed, whether physically or mentally, menstrual cycles can become irregular or cease entirely.

A crucial hormone-releasing hormone (luteinizing-hormone-releasing-hormone or LHRH) becomes inhibited, and as a result, the hormonal cascade that keeps our reproductive system in rhythm becomes disrupted.

With every stressful episode, even minor, not only do we under-secrete essential hormones such as LHRH and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), but the pituitary gland releases a hormone called prolactin. This hormone suppresses reproductive capabilities, both by inhibiting our sensitivity to LH and by inhibiting our progesterone levels. Ultimately our estrogen production falls.

As a result of all these changes, the follicular phase of the cycle before ovulation often becomes extended, and ovulation may become compromised to the point of becoming less regular.

A single significant stressor may be enough to upset our rhythm, but intermittent stressors, even relatively mild, can be enough to dislocate our programming entirely and cause consistent irregularities.

Eventually, the entire system may begin to shutdown, resulting in a condition known as anovulatory amenorrhea.

I can’t recommend Will and the Will Williams Meditation team more highly. I was a little sceptical about how meditation would fit into my life and whether I would really keep it up. Will’s teaching, instruction and gentle encouragement led me to give it a shot. The scientific case for the benefits of meditation, was reason enough. I now quite simply can’t imagine my life without it. It's my daily tool for managing stress. Life just feels palpably smoother. I’ve got the tools to enjoy the ride much more.

Rosie, PR, London

How can Beeja meditation help with treating irregular cycles?

When we meditate, we greatly reduce our stress responsivity, the feedback systems within the nervous system become more finely tuned and our brain functioning optimises. The end result is much greater hormonal balance and an effective means of treating irregular cycles.

With time, the irregular patterning can be superseded with a return to our more natural and rhythmic status. 

This is helpful on all levels. The monthly cycle is also a key mechanism for purifying ourselves of all of the toxins we produce each month, and so having a regular cycle is not only good for our reproductive health, it is essential for our general health and wellbeing.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help with treating irregular cycles

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