Treating low blood pressure with meditation

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Meditation & blood pressure: a multi-purpose practice

  • Beeja meditation doesn’t just relieve high blood pressure – it also helps with treating low blood pressure.

  • Meditation brings our nervous system and hormonal responses into balance, reducing our reliance on medication which might lower blood pressure. This range of improvements to bodily function makes it one of the best ways of treating low blood pressure.

How can Beeja meditation help with treating low blood pressure?

Even though Beeja meditation is renowned for lowering high blood pressure, if you have an issue with low blood pressure, you can be assured that by doing this practice your blood pressure will stabilise towards the normal range.

It is the only known meditation practice that has this quality.

It can achieve this through the rebalancing of the nervous system (in this case adding sympathetic tone) and through a rebalancing of our hormonal production. This allows our physiological systems to operate more correctly and also frees us from being dependent on any medications whose side effects may cause low blood pressure.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help stabilize your blood pressure

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