Coping with menopause through meditation

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Summary: Dealing with menopause through Beeja meditation

  • The menopause is a major phase transition for every woman, and can so often become a physically and emotionally traumatic process.

  • Beeja meditation reduces stress and balances the mind and body, offering effective and natural menopause relief.

The problem: a very stressful time of life

As we all know there is huge hormonal change afoot during the menopause. While this a perfectly natural part of the maturation of a woman, the amount of stress in our lives can compound the issue enormously.

Coping with menopause can be extremely tough. Symptoms of the menopause can include lack of energy, insomnia, weight gain and a considerably greater risk of cardiovascular problems and atherosclerosis.

The worst thing about dealing with menopause and the arrival of symptoms is that they directly cause more stress. That creates a vicious cycle whereby the more we get stressed, the more our symptoms intensify, and this process can feed on itself until we feel genuinely overshadowed by the discomfort of so many of our everyday experiences.

How can Beeja meditation help in coping with menopause?

Learning a stress management technique for natural menopause relief – such as Beeja meditation – will at the very least ameliorate all of the symptoms of the menopause. In many cases it will also mean that HRT and other such therapies become less necessary, as we mobilise all of our inherent capabilities to turn this key phase transition into a time of strength and health.

Lack of energy is greatly offset by the energising effects of Beeja meditation. This is due to the deep levels of rest it provides, and also the fact that our reduced susceptibility to stressful reactions when we meditate allows us to be much more efficient with the energy we have.

Insomnia is also greatly alleviated by the calming of the nervous system. Now we can enjoy our nocturnal slumbers without fear of too much disturbance. And even when we do get a poor night’s rest, this profoundly restful practise restores us in no time.

The weight gain that also goes hand in hand with menopausal symptoms is often caused by an increase in the insulin resistance of our cells, which is greatly offset by the calming influence of meditation.

Cardiovascular problems and atherosclerosis are relieved by the nourishing and balancing effects brought about by meditation. Oestrogen therapy does protect against further build-up of atherosclerosis, but does nothing to reverse the build-up of plaques that have in most cases been coming since the age of thirty. It is far more beneficial to seek an alternative that actually addresses the core issue of plaque build-up in the first place.

Oestrogen also inhibits the breaking down of bones and so when our estrogen levels drop after menopause, the bones often become weakened, and we are at risk of developing osteoporosis. The hormonal balance brought about by meditation means we continue to maintain stronger bones long after the menopausal phase has passed and our risk of developing osteoporosis is reduced.

This hormonal balance brought about by meditation also allows us to avoid the mood swings that otherwise seem unavoidable. The more naturally balanced production and uptake of endorphins means we are much less prone to symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The latter is greatly assisted by a much better behaved amygdala, the engine of our anxiety response.

The former is greatly assisted by a better behaved part of the nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system, which not only is grossly unsympathetic, it is the engine of both our darkness and our irritability.

Having a balanced nervous system also means that any migraines we may be experiencing also become a thing of the past. Any time the aura phase of the migraine starts to kick in, just have a quick tactical 10 or 15-minute meditation, and your symptoms will magically disappear.

And if the memory is proving a bit dicky, the improved cognitive functioning that Beeja meditation always brings can be very gratifying. It allows us to move dextrously through life with access to all those titbits of information we would like to recall and retain.

Meditation strengthens who we are. We feel imbued with strength, confidence and self-worth and we are able to step into our power and mobilise all of our experience and wisdom to the benefit of all. Coping with menopause should always be this easy.

And as the icing on the cake, we also experience a reversal of ageing, meaning that our cellular repair functioning starts to work so efficiently we become the beneficiaries of a massive biological dividend. Dealing with menopause becomes that bit easier.

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