Meditation as a treatment for metabolic syndrome

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Summary: Beeja meditation can help reverse metabolic syndrome

  • Metabolic syndrome can cause heart disease and impair physical and cognitive functioning.

  • Beeja meditation enables the body to rest and repair, making it an effective treatment for metabolic syndrome.

The problem: do you suffer from metabolic syndrome?

Unlike most conditions that are characterised by one particular metric being off-kilter, this recently recognised condition is defined by a situation of allostatic load being reached.

Allostatic load is the point whereby collective levels of imbalance are enough to compromise the whole system, even though there is no standout culprit. When this situation has been reached, major disease is well on its way to manifesting unless proactive action is taken.

It can cause heart disease, but physical and cognitive functioning are much more likely to become impaired.

Because of the nebulous nature of the problem, most treatments, therapies and medications will have limited impact. What’s needed is something that can truly allow the body to start resetting itself at every level.

How can Beeja meditation help reverse metabolic syndrome?

By quietly utilising the sound of our personalised mantra, we have a tool that will settle our mind, body and nervous system to its deepest levels (two to five times deeper than the deepest point in sleep).

From there, major rest and repair works can take place. Surely enough, as time passes, more and more of our systems find themselves moving away from abnormal levels into very clear-cut normal ranges. This works not just to reverse metabolic syndrome, but to improve the body’s functioning as a whole.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help reverse metabolic syndrome

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