Dealing with migraines through Beeja meditation

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Dealing with migraines

  • Migraines are a neurophysiological disorder that is little understood, and there seems little recourse to solving them, other than going to bed and taking lots of painkillers.
  • Beeja meditation is a highly effective way of dealing with migraines of all varieties.

Migraine misery

Migraines are characterised by an unhealthy and unnatural level of excitability within neurons and pain receptors in the brain, which can lead to an onset of an episode whenever the nervous system gets overwhelmed.

Once triggered, we become paralysed by pain and nausea and our only respite is bed and medication. Treating migraines seems a futile process.

There are numerous factors. Stress certainly appears to play its part, as does fatigue. The hormonal imbalances brought about by pregnancy, and the menopause also raises the likelihood of a migraine occurring.

Everything good about the brain depends on its orderly function.

John Hagelin, Physicist

How can Beeja meditation help in dealing with migraines?

Beeja meditation alleviates the problems by treating migraines on four separate levels.

Firstly, the soothing qualities of the individually selected mantras that we use bring balance to the autonomic nervous system, calming it down and decompressing any over-excitability of the neurons that may be agitating us into a state of neurovascular dysfunction.

Secondly, Beeja meditation helps relieve us of many of the causal factors, which are known to be triggers for migraine episodes. It calms down our stress levels and provides deep rest that energises us out of fatigue. Ultimately it results in a greater level of hormonal balance, whether in the transition of pregnancy or menopause or not. It also fosters greater cerebral blood flow, which may also help alleviate the onset of a migraine.

Thirdly, while the underlying issues are slowly working their way out of our system so that we can start to live a life free of the debilitating effects of migraines, this practise is also an incredibly effective tactical tool for those who experience an aura phase at the onset of an episode.

Without fail, if you get an aura and you start meditating, the migraine will never arrive. Dealing with migraines will become routine and pleasurable.

And fourthly, for those who don’t get auras, Beeja meditation provides excellent pain management and is often found to relieve intensity significantly and also to aid recovery times.

It is all to do with the efficacy of our naturally occurring painkillers such as opioids, which get released in abundance when we meditate and which are three times more effective than morphine in quelling pain.

Meditation also helps relieve the symptoms of, and provide freedom from, the depression, anxiety and mood swings that so often accompany migraine sufferers, making it the ultimate package for treating migraines.

Our students have reported being saved from migraines while up mountains, about to get on a 16-hour flight and numerous others have told us they no longer experience any problems in this area.

Through Beeja meditation, we can move towards long-term freedom from dealing with migraines, and never have to revisit this unpleasant experience again.


Find out how to help a migraine through Beeja meditation

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