Natural treatment for multiple sclerosis through meditation

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Summary: treatment of multiple sclerosis through Beeja meditation

  • Multiple sclerosis – or MS – is exacerbated by stress.

  • Beeja meditation reduces stres and helps us live happier, healthier lives, making it an ideal form of treatment for MS.

  • One of our students reported, within a few days after learning Beeja meditation, they had “much more energy, felt much more positive and had much more flexibility in their limbs, it’s wonderful!”

Problem: do you suffer from multiple sclerosis?

MS is a serious autoimmune condition. It results in the protective elements of our immune system mistakenly attacking the cells of our nervous system, leaving them exposed, damaged and unable to perform their vital role as catalysts of physiological and neurological change.

The cause is unknown, although in many cases a genetic predisposition appears to be a factor. Stress certainly plays a part, by increasing the probability of any predisposition eventuating, being the cause of the chromosomes unravelling and by aggravating the burden on our nervous system.

Stress will also aggravate the chronic pain, fatigue and depression that so often accompany MS.

I haven’t had an MS relapse since I started meditating (touch wood) and my symptoms are pretty much non-existent. My Neurologist doesn’t need to see me for another year as I’m doing so well. Happy happy!

Lisa, Radio Programmer, London

How can Beeja meditation help the treatment of multiple sclerosis?

Beeja meditation dramatically reduces our stress and anxiety levels, reducing our chances of developing this condition and alleviating the strain caused by the trials of life between episodes of acute symptoms. It also helps in every area affected by MS.

First and foremost, Beeja meditation has an incredibly powerful effect on the central nervous system.

It brings it into complete harmony and allows it to more effectively communicate with all of the nerve cells around the body using all of the resources it has available. At the very least this will potentially help compensate for some of the damage done in the cells.

Our cellular repair systems are also greatly enhanced, giving the body more opportunity to rebuild and restore damaged cells.  It may even enhance the process of neurogenesis (the creation of neurons).

Meditation provides sustenance to the immune system and allows the implementation of the body’s innate and learned immuno-intelligence as nature intended, instead of the disrupted programming that signifies this condition.

Beeja meditation also has a marked impact on our cognitive functioning, with improvements in many areas of memory, learning and intelligence, allowing us to be more capable in spite of our condition.

In our very first case of teaching someone with this condition, they reported that they had “much more energy, felt much more positive and had much more flexibility in my limbs, it’s wonderful!” This was within just a few short days.

We feel there is a high likelihood that Beeja meditation will demonstrate itself to be a very effective treatment for multiple sclerosis in clinical trials. If you are a clinician who is interested in researching this further, please do get in touch.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help with multiple sclerosis

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