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Summary: meditation as a PMS treatment

  • Premenstrual syndrome – or PMS – makes life a misery for so many women every month.

  • Compared to other natural PMS remedies, Beeja meditation is the only one that provides an adequate amount of rest and repair needed to support your body during this time.

  • Meditation alleviates any depressive tendencies and stimulates activity in the cortex, better protecting it against any decay and ensuring our cognitive processes are reliable at all times.

The problem: a monthly ordeal

The irritability, tension and lack of happiness that accompanies premenstrual syndrome and the painful consistency of the symptoms make life more than a little uncomfortable for those who know they will have to face it every month. As such, many women now seek natural PMS remedies that will alleviate symptoms without added side effects.

It is such a shame because in ancient times the fertility of the divine feminine was utterly revered. The corresponding cycle was totally respected as a time when a woman needed to take rest and draw in her energies.

In our modern world, it is far from the case. Instead, a woman is expected not only to meet all the demands of modern living, but she is given little sympathy when the conflicting demands placed on her by biology and society cause some roughness in her experience.

As well as the stress and anxiety that often accompanies it, there are quite often headaches and low energy levels from the cleansing and healing aspects of this part of the cycle. It is a time when our bodies wish to shed as much as they can so that we can continue to grow into our womanhood. And often mood swings come as a result of being strained during a key phase of purification.

Clearly, any incidence of stress will aggravate the problem, and, in most cases, caffeine will too. Ironically the latter is itself a result of a need to stimulate our nervous system, which has chronically been overloaded and depleted by the burdens of stress in our lives.

So what to do? Well, the very fact that the symptoms are there demonstrates that there is unevenness in our physiological programming. In all likelihood the chronic intermittent stressors that we are all subject to have pushed things sufficiently out of kilter that when we transition from the follicular to the luteal phase, any imbalances are exposed and become more manifest.

I’ve now been meditating for two weeks after attending Will’s course and I’m already noticing benefits. I feel calmer and able to deal with what life throws at me which is fantastic after such a short time.

Lucinda, Project Manager, Sussex

How can Beeja meditation help relieve PMS symptoms?

There is a simple way around it that will not only help to alleviate PMS symptoms; it will nourish every part of your being. This all-encompassing PMS treatment will help you feel on top of your game all month round.

Beeja meditation will provide the rest and repair time needed to support you and your body during this time.

As well as giving us profound levels of rest, meditation will reduce our stress levels so that there is less accumulated tension building up during the month. The additional endorphin release that meditation provides will also mean you are less dependent on caffeinated substances to make you feel good or get you through your day.

As a result, stress and caffeine will no longer aggravate the condition.

Meditation as a natural PMS treatment also leads to a game-changing reduction in anxiety levels, such that our mental, physical and emotional energies can be devoted to more positive things. It also helps rebalance our digestive system, allowing us to absorb more of the nutrients in our food, which can also be a contributing factor to this condition.

The more orderly biological systems will also mean that there is better calcium uptake in the organs and the bones, and more in storage ready for use whenever we need it, which again is a vital function that is often compromised for women with PMS.

It will also provide greater cleansing of all of our organs, tissues and cells throughout the month so that when the monthly time of purification comes, we are not having to process nearly so much toxicity.

We also become more in tune with our bodies, recognising, respecting and allowing for more rest and nurture during the time of the period.

As for our endocrinology, Beeja meditation provides a much more stable level of hormonal balance, so we won’t be thrown any emotional curve balls by our serotonin, glutamate and opiod, which are often found to be at abnormal levels during this time.

If the level of PMS being experienced is at clinical levels, then the prognosis is an uncomfortably high probability of developing clinical depression and damage to the cortex of the brain. Meditation alleviates any depressive tendencies and it also stimulates activity in the cortex, better protecting it against any decay and ensuring our cognitive processes can be relied upon at all times.

The result is emotional stability and calmness, less pain and more zest for life.

And that is only the beginning. Not only do meditators always report significant improvements in their symptoms, they often find the freedom this brings – along with the opportunity to discover their own feminine divinity –can easily be a stepping stone towards a lasting sense of fulfilment.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help alleviate PMS

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