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Summary: an easy way to resolution

  • The pace of modern living stresses our nervous systems and makes it harder for us to work out how to solve problems.

  • Beeja meditation calms us down and helps us find creative solutions to all of life’s challenges.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

The problem: never-ending demands and challenges

How many times do we encounter what seem to be insoluble problems? Or simply problems that require so much thought and mental energy, that it seems to leave us depleted for all of the other tasks we must complete and situations we must navigate.

For many of us, these sorts of problems don’t just come along intermittently. The sheer volume of challenges that come our way on a weekly basis means we’re becoming ever more overwhelmed.

In this age of instantaneous communications and portable technology, we are expected to respond and provide answers quickly and without fuss.

But the irony is, all this build-up of demand, and all of the ever increasing complexity in our world, is actually inhibiting our ability to respond with worthwhile solutions, let alone optimal ones.

As demand increases, there is activation of what is known as our sympathetic nervous system. The more this kicks in, the more shutdown of essential brain functions we experience.

One of the most significant casualties of this is our pre-frontal cortex, in the front of our brains, where all of our creative functions and lateral thinking capabilities reside.

There are strong evolutionary reasons for this phenomenon. But, alas, it doesn’t feel especially evolved when you feel stuck or have a mental block or when you can’t seem to proceed with a decision or a project because you simply cannot conceive of a way ahead.  Or when you are simply at saturation point and have no more capacity to take yet another problem on.

And the faster life moves, the more this becomes a feature until, eventually, this chronic shutdown starts to become ingrained.

This often leads to anxiety, which can build over time as we exhaust ourselves trying to find solutions. And again, the more anxious we become, the more we stress about the potential negative consequences of not being able to problem solve our way around all these situations.

I'm calmer, less stressed and find this new relaxed state enhances my ability to work effectively and retain information. I've also noticed a significant enhancement in my ability to problem solve situations. This is definitely something that everyone should learn.

Nikki, TV Producer, London

How can Beeja meditation help?

Beeja meditation is renowned amongst its practitioners for enhancing problem-solving capabilities. The reason for this is that your pre-frontal cortex begins to activate much more when you practise the meditation.

In addition, after an average of four months of practice, your frontal cortex begins to grow thicker, and the outcome of this greater activation and greater cognitive capacity is that your problem-solving capabilities begin expanding at a very healthy rate.

Furthermore, when you do this practice, your brain goes into a high level of coherence, which is associated with peak performance functioning and innovative thinking.

The result is that solutions to problems and challenges tend to present themselves much more readily, giving you more bandwidth in your brain and more time in your day to invest yourself in inspiring tasks and activities.

The deep rest and relaxation Beeja meditation gives you, as well as the enhanced sleep quality, enable you to enjoy having more physical, mental and emotional energy so that you have the stamina to take on all of the issues that might come your way.

It also helps you stay rational, meaning that your responses are more considered, rather than reactive. Doing this practice will also significantly increase your resilience to stress, therefore insulating you from the problem-compounding effects that come from an overactive stress response.

It leaves you free and clear to utilise your innate cognitive capabilities.

And the wonderful thing is, not only will you have an increasing number of neat solutions for all of life’s challenges, you will find your ability to execute those responses is greatly enhanced. Whether it’s because of the enhanced executive functioning that comes from this technique, or because of the superior interpersonal skills that naturally flow from regular practice.

Speaking of flow, one of the hallmarks of regular practice of this technique is that you begin to feel ‘in-flow’ at all times and so you begin to transition to a state whereby there are no problems anymore, simply creative challenges that you have the capability and dexterity to handle with grace and alacrity.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help with problem solving

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