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Is jet lag a real problem?

Jet lag is a chronobiological disruption to our body’s natural circadian rhythms caused by a change in time zones (usually three or more).


It can leave us feeling tired and disorientated after long flights.

How can Beeja meditation help?


Meditation works at numerous levels to restore balance and diminish the frequency and intensity of snoring episodes to more harmonious levels.


Although there have been no formal studies into the effects of Beeja meditation on jet lag that we know of, it is one of the most commonly reported epiphenomena of our practise.


The theory is that by re-setting the body’s nervous system every time we meditate, we are able adjust to the new time zone almost instantaneously, reducing or eliminating the disorienting effects of a de-synchronised rhythm with our environment.


In addition to this, Beeja meditation has a number of other powerful characteristics, which make the flying experience smoother.


When we meditate with personalised mantras, we get powerful levels of rest (two to five times deeper than the deepest point in sleep) which is why it can be so beneficial on long haul flights when sleep can invariably be interrupted.


We can practise this style of meditation anywhere, and it is best done whilst sitting somewhat upright, so if we are struggling to sleep, we can compensate for this by undertaking plentiful meditation during the flight.


It will also enhance the immune system so that we have greater resistance to all of the airborne germs circulating through the ventilation system.


Meditation is also hugely supportive to a key region of the brain called the hippocampus, which is responsible for all of our memory formation and recall, as well as our spatial navigation. This region is often damaged by atrophy in frequent flyers and particularly so in flight crews.


What’s more, Beeja meditation makes a flight go much more quickly, so that you can glide through your journey in a totally relaxed fashion, and arrive at your destination feeling clear, energised and ready to go.

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